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Before you burn your fingers, be warned!

My nephew informed me about this scheme. That’s how I got to know about it. About 4 months ago, I think it was October or November last year… I invested 10,000 dollars and barely made it to level 2, when I read online that this whole thing is a rip off! Global Intergold aka EMGOLDEX is one fine ponzi scheme that anyone looking to a make quick buck would fall for!
I recently heard that the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission has finally sued Global Intergold for being a fraud. If anyone knows a way to get money out of this scam please let me know.
I mean, why in god\’s name won\’t they refund my money? I almost emptied my bank account paying for their stupid processing fees! Can\’t we at least get a part of our money back? I have tried getting through their support like a gazillion times, but it looks like they have a list of excuses ready to shoot.
These cheats must be taken to court!! I am writing this so that everyone out there looking to make a stable investment are aware of these fraudsters!! If you know someone planning to invest in any pyramid gold scheme like this one, don’t forget to warn them about this scam, cause I kid you not these guys have built a pretty good reputation for themselves.


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