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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Chip Brault owner of Global Nutra labs, Clinical nutraceuticals,,,, is making up clinical studies, fake customer testimonials and wildly exaggerated product claims. I think worst of all is that he uses fake trust badges from Hacker Safe, Trust Guard etc. Real trustmarks are “live” and will show today’s date. Real McAfee SECURE trust marks can be clicked on and will take you to the subscribing merchant’s verification page. Not one of his 4 trustmarks are actually real so don’t be fooled. He will most certainly remove these fraudulent trust marks once he has been called out in public so we made copies of all his websites so he can never deny they were at one time on his site. You can view these by clicking on each image and then scrolling to the bottom of each page. You may have to zoom in a bit to view them. As of July 1st these were all active and being used and promoted on his 7 different websites. All of his companies are a cheap knock off of real companies that sell real products. They are much cheaper because their potency is about half the strength of some of the enzyme products that actually do work for these mentioned conditions. He doesn’t technically disclose what’s in his products either because if he does you will be able to compare them to other products and see what you are getting is of very low potency and totally worthless. For example his product Enzymex+ is only 40,000 iu per serving but he markets it as 120,000 per serving but fails to mention that there are 3 capsules per serving. This is a shady tactic that some vitamin companies use to make their product look stronger than it is. Chip Brault claims to have been in business since 2009 on all of his sites. Chip has also been called out publicly at where he was trying to peddle his cheap products for men who suffer from a terrible condition called Peyronies. One of Chips newest endeavors is a website called and where he is stating that his cheap products help to eliminate fibrosis of the lungs and dissolve scar tissue. This endeavor is the worst of them all because he is preying on people who have been given a life expectancy of 3-5 years maximum. Chip Brault hasn’t even been selling them long enough to know whether they would help or not although he has somehow acquired numerous testimonials already. I can assure you that with his past history these are completely made up. Please people due your research and do not fall for his scams. There are good products out there that can help you but his don’t even come close to falling into that category. .His products or very cheap and inexpensive imitations of other companies products and advertising. [continued below]…. He is nothing more than a con artist. Chip has made many websites trying to convince hard working people out of their money on hopes of false promises that his products will work for very serious diseases such as pulmonary fibrosis, peyronies, uterine fibroids, COPD, arthritis. If you are considering buying his ineffective products, you need to do your research about Chip Brault and his many websites.,,,, The public needs to know that he is nothing more than a con man and he is out to steal your money by buying his worthless products.

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