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Published: 12 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Interesting. Global Pro Systems. I just paid the $9.95 for their ‘training’ packet which isn’t really. Just more sales. Soon as I started reading it I knew that they were going to ask for more money. The ‘gal’ on the phone was still trying to sell it to me. I was asking myself, I already agreed to get more information on how to do this, why are they still trying to ‘sell’ it to me. The answer…they want to keep your juices flowing and keeping you excited so you will keep sending money. To be honest, I know I read the information on the website I ordered this from, but I can’t for the life of me remember anything about a 14 day return the material if you don’t like it or be charged another $39.95. I don’t have $39.95, I would not have agreed to the $9.95 if I knew they would want money for the packet after 14 days. Interesingly enough, my bank stopped the intial $9.95 in the first place. Guess I should have just let things be as they were. Security measures are put in place not only for big business’s, but so save us from ourselves. Anyway, this isn’t really a complaint or praise. Depends on how hard it is to get out of it. And yes, I will try to get out of it, because already I know it’s not for me. I’m not going to give them more money, and more money and not see any return on my investment for days and days. I was under the understanding this was a training packet and my phone appt would be to help set things up and get started. If it’s just more sale’s pitch for more money, then not interested. There are plenty of other places to waste my money on. And all the emails I’ve been getting lately, most of them are the same anyway, just different names. I got a ‘special invitation’ from two ‘different’ places that call their system two different names, but the videos are nearly identical. It’s interesting also that the host in each one claim they created the system, or helped create the system. I wanted to buy into that one, to check it out, but again, their billing page won’t accept my card even though there is money in the bank. Oh well, maybe I should take that as a sign. Anyway, it’s sales. It’s how sales work. I’ve heard it a million times if I heard it once. I’m not serious enough if I don’t give them my last penny. I HATE that tactic. My bank account isn’t what determines whether or not I’m serious enough. But again, sales tactic. Nothing personal. So, that is my comment. I’ll return to make more comment on whether I had a good or bad experience. PS, people, don’t get angry. There are ways to stop charges on your account. It’s a hassle, but it’s better than having your bank account drained. For me, if they drain my account, they are only going to get a few dollars anyway, literally. If they want to go thru all that trouble for a few dollars, then whatever. I have no problem closing my account. There’s no money in it anyway. Can’t get any money from the account if it’s closed. .

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