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Global Provider Solutions

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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Global provider Solutions is an agency ,I was hired as a Caregiver I performed my job caring for clients that I was designated by Michelle Evans the manager of this agency, I was told to send the time sheets every monday phone messages, everybody does the same, I was supervised by the same manager and clients were happy and satisfied with my care I had provide to them,, but not with the agency for various issues, clients had give me good references, my complain is that GPS same as Global Provider Solutions has not payme my wages they owed me 64 hours in one timesheet from: monday Feb23 to friday feb27 2015 total of $768 dollars,, and from Thursday March12 to monday March16, 73 hours total of $876 dollars. TOTAL AMOUNT THEY OWME $1644 | They owme previous timesheets from December and January but they had payed me already, last deposit was in March,since then there is not payments,I called, I send them messages, I write emails no respond,this is my first time I have a problem like this with an employer, I worked with Hospice care is a very hard and painful job and I did it with love and compassion is not fair not to get paid ..Mrs Evans Michelle is against the law by not paying me, I did not have breaks or sleeping hours, she offered me to paid for training other caregivers, millage to used my car, from my pocket i paid groseries for clients when needed, neither of that i got paid.i trust her, a client was ready to change and cancel their services but did not want to loose me they needed me for their family member who was transitioning and they knew how much love and compassion and good care I provide for the patient, they desisted to cancel the big contract they had with this agency,not even this issue was gratefull by Michelle insted she is keeping my wages!! there is not reason, she requested me to go to other Jobs and I didn’t , because she was behind the time sheets payments and checks that she deposit from previous jobs were refund from the bank do to insufficient funds and we had to beg and called her many times to clear, we means she did this to other caregivers too….. I just want to get paid for the 137 hours that I worked hard.. | Michelle Evans has the time sheets with the correct hours, and I have her respond saying that she will pay ..that was 3 month ago ,I had send her on her email ..but she just won’t paid !! I leave a message on her phone to see her and talk to her she wont get back to me !!she ignored me completly !! I told her is not going to be good for her bussiness If I post the complain,, no respond !! she don’t care !! I called the families of the clients that I took care, because at the begining when I requested my payment Michelle states thats clients haven’t payed yet ,, and they told me is not truth they had payed to the last cent, she send me an email saying not to call the families of clients that she will start paying me soon .. starting april 10 ….and nothing !! | I am poor, I work to help my daughter to pay the tuition for her college, and my living espenses, maybe for her is not a lot, for me it is, I have health issues too and still went to work 12 and 13 hours sometime 14 hours with a client in hospice a very hard and a sad job supporting emotionally to client and their families, and not getting paid really hurts !!! | Please adviceme or help me !!!

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