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Global Trading Is Another Fake Check Scam

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Published: 19 August 2017

Posted by: Hazel B. Garcia

There’s a scam in the making and this is a big one. I will tell u what one of my friends;Joshua had to go through because of this fraud company. A company called “Global Trading” is looking for Cheques Processing Manager. Now u will wonder what that even means. Well, all you have to do is receive a cashier’s cheque, process it through your bank and u get a whooping commission of 10%. Not to forget, these cheques are of big amounts like $20,000 so u directly get a commission of $2000.
Everything was fine with my friend until he was contacted by his bank and was told that the cheques he was cashing were completely fake. My friend was shocked when he heard about it. He told them about the job that he is doing for Global Trading and that they said it is completely legit. The bank then told him the real story and that what he’s doing is a criminal offence. Now, he has to pay the entire amount to the bank. He tried contacting Global Trading and there’s no reply. Even their site isn’t accessible anymore.
He thought he’s making extra income whereas he was being cheated and turned into a criminal all this while. These fucking assholes took him for a ride and used him and his address for operating their fake business. My friend was also told that if he does not pay the amount which is now $12,000, he can go to jail. They have given him a time frame and asked to pay the entire amount. Why should be pay the amount when he was hired to do that job? He’s in a fix and I hope no one else believes this scam. This is really pathetic.
I would like to know who else got this kind of a mail and did or didn’t go ahead with it. My friend’s planning to file a lawsuit against these guys. It’s very important that this scam shuts down before other people have to pay thousands of dollars from their pocket. I’ve heard of online scams but this one tops the charts. I am surprised and at the same time so pissed off with these jerks; luring people telling them they are getting a job. Luckily, my friend didn’t leave his job thinking he will do this as a part time option.
There might be people who left their jobs for this scam and are now in debt and jobless. How can these frauds be okay with putting people out of their jobs and making money on them? This is really disgusting to know people are capable of going to that low level. Let us get together and unmask these cheaters and make sure they pay for what they’ve done to others. They cannot go too far with stolen money. They will have to give in and face the consequences. Share your experience here and let’s do something about this.

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