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Do not count on them! Denied two of claims on baselessly

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Published: 05 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

My wife and ex-wife died because of sudden heart attacks, she never had any problems in her heart and she didn’t even have any medical history regarding their hearts too. And during this time of distress, Globe Life decided to deny two of my claims for which I was the beneficiary. I needed those claims to take care of our children. Both of my policies were only a year old, the 1st policy was a 50 thousand one and the 2nd was 100 thousand one. Globe Life says that they will not be processing my claim because she lied. She was admitted in the hospital for around 5 months before filling out the forms. On the form, the agent told her to tick “no” over all the app questions, so she ticked “no” on the “Have you been in the admitted to the hospital in the last 3 years because of any serious illness or disease” section as well.

It can be said that ticking “no” in that section was wrong and in order to show that I am the beneficiary she ticked that on all those boxes. The company sent me copies of her apps. And I’m really thankful for that because otherwise, I would be the guy who just wanted the money from a reputed company. My wife was never a genius when it came to apps and I always helped her in this regard. I would help her fill out the form and then she would basically sign in the bottom. The company stated that if she checks “Yes” on any sections, they would not approve the app.

They said that they never would have accepted the app if she checked yes, which is a contradiction. The copies of the apps show that my wife did check yes on that section and even wrote a short rundown of her reason to visit the hospital. She didn’t have any chronic diseases and someone forged the forms and altered it. The difference between the apps was obvious. After comparing the two apps I saw that the formatting of both of them is a little different. But the biggest proof was that both of those apps amounted to 100 however, as I told you before, one app was of only 50. That explained why every aspect of the app looked a little different.
I have sent Globe Life Insurance a letter. I have given them two options, they can either rectify this whole matter or I will get the best lawyer in town and see them in court. They will have to spend a lot more money in the court and it is going to be really frustrating for them as I have clear proof against them. These guys are as dumb as a rock; they thought they could get away with such a pathetic and heartless act. I haven’t received any reply from them, but I’m not very sad, as they are going to be really sorry for their crimes now.

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