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Published: 30 July 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was in Medellin, Colombia working, met this woman offered to help with translations, it ended in kind of a relationship, she explained to me she had one child, who by the way is a big of liar as the mother. Later I found out she had another child in a totally different city and hardly ever see’s him. I met the second child some months later and seen all of his teeth were totally rotten and she was doing nothing to fix them, he was crying, not eating, please understand this is a 4 year old child. I lent her the money to repair his teeth, then it just started becoming one emerency after another equaling 60 million pesos. I later met the brother who was a priest in Venezuela, he was as big a liar as Patricia and Santiago. Eiber (brother) finally told me about all the operations she had. Patricia had told me she was pregnant, I asked the Eiber the brother and he stated that was not possible because her tubes were tied, he later went on to tell me about the 2 breast implants, 3 liposuction surgeries, Tubes tied surgery, and the 4 buttocks implants. Now we get on to the mother who lives in a city called Sonson. She is as big a liar as the rest of the family, always says she is broke, raising Patricia’s child and needed money badly. Please understand if this family opens there mouth they are lying, they will manipulate you, tell you lies just to borrow money. Believe this and I can show you messages of a Catholic Priest asking to borrow 2 million pesos, a catholic priest!!!! It really make you wonder about the religion and I am proud to say I am catholic. If you meet this woman and I am attaching police reports, Drivers license, and Pictures of her RUN!!!! Her and her family are nothing but pure evil, they will play on your sympathy just to get money. I have since found out she is working at a place called Fuse 2 in Medellin, Colombia. This is warning to all American Men, for that fact any man living anywhere in the world, please do yourself a favor run, don’t walk and don’t think you can change this evil family. I still cannot get over the fact of how a whole family including a priest could lie so much and keep it straight. If you have any questions about this please feel free to e-mail or call, I will let you know everything and give you the police officiers number who is looking for her to arrest her.

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