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Published: 19 February 2018

Posted by: Sara Ortiz

Dear General Motors, I am a loyal General Motors customer. I have been loyal to your company for as long as I can remember, because I was born into a GM family. My father, Ernest Ortiz Jr., has worked on the line for you for many years, and he waited patiently for years after being laid off, on a call back list, so that he could continue working for you when you needed him again. Sadly, my father passed away unexpectedly this May. He was one of your hardest workers and most loyal employees, and he made a positive impact with your company for over 30 years. I know that you only recognize his service for over 26 years, but with his time waiting to be called back, its well over 30 years. He was loyal to you until his last day, but I guess his loyalty was not enough. He always thought that his time with GM would protect his family and allow them to benefit from his time and dedication to your company. Unfortunately, I was not approved for my dad’s GM discount after applying with the GM Family Legacy Program, because he was not retired on the date of his death. I am disappointed that a company that we have been loyal to for so long, would not show a little bit of appreciation and provide an exception on this basis of service and dedication. My family and I would have been as loyal to you as my father was, because that is a value he taught us. But in your decision to deny us this benefit, that value is starting to waiver. Frankly, your decision feels like you have poured salt in an open wound. Sara Ortiz

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