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Published: 15 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I booked a 6 day trip with Go Travel to London and Paris. It was suppose to be 3 days in Paris and 3 days in London. They made a mistake and booked our flight at 7PM on Day 5 which is suppose to be a day in London. I asked them to fix their mistake. They said it’d cost $400 per person or $800 plus the new cost of the flight. No way we are paying for their mistake. They try to make you think or believe the mistake was yours – but I know better. Now we have an entire day that was planned in London that we cannot do. I don’t know the next time we will be able to do this sort of trip. We’ve been saving for years. | This was suppose to be an awesome trip for my daughter’s HS graduation. This is a once in a lifetime trip. They totally messed it up. I wish I did more research on the company before I booked it because what I have found is they are a complete nightmare. What happened to me is typical. I don’t want this to happen to anybody else. Do your research. Please do your research. I found another competitor online that has the same deal for half the price. We paid $4,000 for this trip. Another site has the same deal for only $2,000. I feel like such a fool. I was scammed big time. | I was able to talk with them on the phone before I booked the flight. Once it was booked – I have never been able to get them on the phone Ever! Listened to their music for an hour – more than once. I was able to email them only. I would not recommend this place to anybody. They are not to be trusted. Do you homework and research. I would stay away from this company.

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