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Published: 09 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I employed Mr. Yow in a divorce case. While being medically evacuated from Afghanistan I found out my wife had been having an affair. Furthermore the other man had been living in my house while I was gone. My parents caught them as they were moving out but not in time to save all my stuff and they left me an empty house as well as took my daughter to Rhode Island together. My wife had a drinking and drug problem and I had proof that the affair had been going on for some time. I brought all of this information including a statement from my wifes own mother saying how my daughter should have stayed with me. Mr. Yow had me pay $5000 in payments despite the fact that my ex wife had left around $28,000 in debt and taking the car. I agreed to this because he said if there wasn’t much work done on the divorce he would refund me some of it, according to the amount of hours billed. I didnt hear back from him for months despite trying to contact him. It took me actually going to his office to find out what the problem why he wouldnt call me back and he didnt change that. Finally we went to court with my ex wife over custody after three months. Not only had he given me extremely poor advice that turned the judge completely against me getting custody but he forgot half the evidence I’d given him, showed up late without preparing me at all, and then gave a performance so poor that even my ex wife felt bad for me. My ex wife went on the stand, admitted shed had an affair, admitted shed done drugs, admitted shed left with my daughter, and still got custody due to how bad Mr. Yow did. In the following year that it took to finalize the divorce he made no effort to serve her with paperwork or move along the process and this made me come within two weeks of losing my military retirement to her. It took me paying her to get her attorney to finalize the information for the divorce to become complete. Mr. Yow did such a shi**y job that I decided to take up law. Because if he could do it I could do it. After completing my degree I was accepted into University of Missouri Law School and now have seen classes regarding all of the behavior that Mr. Yow exhibited that is criminal and negligent. Were I a practicing attorney or had enough money to afford a lawsuit, some of that money would come back to me through a lawsuit since all told he did not put $5000 into that case and the agreement was for some of it to come back to me if settled, and he did negligent job of handling it. .

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