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Published: 13 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

“I purchased the Online Bookeeping service online. Upon purchasing the product I chose the annual subscription service. In the checkout process the service was originally $99.99, however the service at the moment of checkout was discounted to $4.80. Thinking this may have been a glitch in their system I closed the website three times and restarted the order, in which I had the same results. I eventually thought this may be a special they were having, and so I placed the order. After placing the order while at work, a couple of days later when I had free time to speak with a representative I called in to renew my domain and to question the charge of this Online Bookeeping service. The representative I spoke with confirmed the purchase that I made was for the yearly subscription and that it only cost me $4.80. I asked the representative was this okay and do I owe any more money. The representative said that he does not know how this could have happened, and how it could have been discounted that low, but everything was good on the account and it stated that I will have the service for the year for $4.80. I continued to ask the representative was he sure, and he became frustrated with me keep asking this that he said in his own words, “”I would not complain if I was you.”” I told him that I am not complaining I just do not want any problems down the line. I noticed that the Online Bookeeping service that I was supposed to have for a year has expired. I called customer service, where I was told there was pretty much nothing that can be done about this, and going forward I have to pay more to continue the service. I informed them of the verbal confirmation I received from the previous representative, and asked them to pull the call. The supervisor I spoke with today stated that he cannot compensate for the error that his previous representative made. I was promised a service at a certain price and this agreement should be honored. I should not have to pay anything extra for a service I made very clear was completely paid for already. The company does not want to take accountability for the miscommunications and misrepresentations of their employees. As an honest consumer of their products, I should not be treated with such disregard. I told them I had the money to pay for the service at the time I called and asked was there a problem, however I do not have the money to pay for the service now, nor should I have to compensate for their error. I literally told the representative to charge me more for the service, but he refused saying that my account was okay and I don’t owe anything more. This service should be honored at the price quoted, as a representative of your company, accessing and making changes on customer accounts is essentially empowered to make agreements on behalf of your company. I think this is a rip-off, and the company wants their customers to pay for the mistakes they make when their system has a glitch or error in it. .

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