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do not trust them, fraudsters of the first kind

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Published: 15 June 2018

Posted by: stanley

It’s almost impossible to survive Phoenix nights without having a solid air conditioner at home. Most workplaces in the state have air conditioning all the time, because the heat is pretty darn intolerable otherwise. My family and I however, were made to suffer like this thanks to Goettl Air Conditioning. These people are only out to make a profit. They’re not interested in fixing your unit, because it involves a lot of work and they can make a lot more money by just installing a new AC at your place. And of course, they’ll get a pretty good cut of what you pay for the AC. They were ruthless about it even though we had a sick child at home at that time.

My son was 2 years old and he hated the heat. He got nosebleeds all the time, so we had to make sure he was never out in the sun for too long. He grew out of it eventually, but oh my god, those nights without the AC to keep him comfortable at night, he really suffered.

Our AC started making this weird sputtering noise at 9 in the night on May 5th 2018. We didn’t know what to make of it. The unit was only a couple of years old. We bought it to replace our old one, which had lasted us for 11 years straight. SO we were sure that whatever the problem was, it would be minor. We didn’t even think to turn it off right away, thinking the noise would just go away on its own. But it didn’t. It just kept getting louder, until it started getting really annoying. We didn’t want to cause any big damage, so we just turned it off that night. It was pretty horrible that night, and we resolved to call someone early the next morning so that they could come and take a look.

So on the 6th, that’s what we did. We looked up people who dealt with AC repairs, and found that Goettl Air Conditioning had a branch not too far away from where they lived. We actually found this out from their site www.goettl.com. They seemed to be good enough, and they had been dealing with ACs for a long time, so we were pretty confident that they would come over and take a look by the end of the day. We hoped that whatever it was, the guy would be able to fix it that very day.

We called them and they took down our address. The woman on the phone said that they would send someone by the end of the day to come and take a look. We told them right then that we had a sick child and we really needed the AC up and running as soon as possible. She assured me that they would do everything to get the guy to come right away. We waited for hours. Finally, at 4 in the evening, the guy showed up. We showed him the AC, and he didn’t seem too interested in taking a look. I thought he would want to open it up to see what was wrong or something, but he didn’t seem to want to do anything like that. He just took one look at it and said that it couldn’t be fixed. When I asked if I should turn it on so he could listen to the noise it made and maybe give me a more informed answer, he told me that I shouldn’t switch it on. He told me it was dangerous to switch it on and that we would have to get the unit replaced. I was shocked. I asked him specifically what was wrong with it, and he told me some technical sounding stuff about the motor and compressor and wouldn’t explain when I asked him what that meant. Then he gave me suggestions on what to buy from Goettl Air Conditioning. That’s when I got that all he was trying to do was getting me to buy a new unit, instead of doing the right thing and fixing our existing one. I was disgusted.

He kept pushing and asking me to go for this $7,400 model that was apparently all the rage. I told him to get out point blank. We suffered another night until I was able to call a different company in the morning, and get the AC fixed in half an hour.

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