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Published: 18 January 2018

Posted by: Heather Beatty

I am pissed at the Calgary Airport for housing such crooks (as far as I”m concerned). The Israel people that own this company, Gold Elements, or who are selling for this company are a total rip-off. They are fast-talking, won”t listen to you when you want to leave, crowd your space and get in your face, check your boarding pass to find out what time you board and say you have lots of time. As it turned out, I did not get the food I complained to her that I needed before I boarded, as I was starving. The nerve of the sales person checking my boarding pass to see what time I board saying that I have lots of time and she would only take a few minutes of my time. She took 20 minutes of my time and was very pushy. I finally gave in and said that I would purchase a jar of cream for $157.00 (not worth it in my opinion) but to get away from her so I could get on my flight, thinking that I could just return the product. Of course, the receipt says no refunds only exchange. I did not use the product at all. I want my money back from these pushy crooks!

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