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Gold Mine Jewelry

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Published: 03 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I dropped my engagement ring off at Goldmine to have one of the small side diamonds replaced on the band. Over the next six days, I was told twice that I could come pick my ring up and that it was finished, but when I arrived, I was told I couldn’t have the ring yet because they were still working out the payment plan with my insurance company. I was very concerned about why the ring was taking so long to repair and why I was being given the runaround. (The insurance company later told me that they had never spoken with Gold Mine during that time). When I finally picked it up, the bottom of the ring looked completely damaged. The diamonds looked darker and I could see yellow gold in my white gold band. I wanted to look at it closer before speaking to the owner and I was skeptical about leaving it there again, so I took it home. | I took it to another jeweler the next day for a second opinion. He let me look at the ring in the microscope after he did. Gold Mine had replaced two of my diamonds with smaller stones, and filled the empty space with yellow and white gold (filler). This jeweler said he didn’t think the ring could be repaired, and even if it was, it probably wouldn’t ever look the way it did. | I took it back to Gold Mine a few days later and asked them why and how they had damaged my ring. The owner, Lewis Meyers, said the small diamonds on my ring were “hard to replace” and that yes, they had just used filler. He acted very nonchalant about my damaged ring and said that the only way they might be able to repair it was with a laser. He said my best option was to get a completely new ring – Yes, he told me that my ring was damaged beyond repair after HE was the one who damaged it. I just want to reiterate that he replaced my DIAMONDS with white and yellow gold filler. | He offered to work on it again and take it to someone he knew who might be able to make a more precise repair. I didn’t feel comfortable handing over my ring again, so I decided to shop around and see what else could be done. I took it back to Zales, where I purchased it, and they said they had never seen a ring so badly damaged or poorly repaired by a jeweler. The manager’s exact words were that it looked like a kindergartner had repaired it. | I do have an insurance policy on the ring, but Mr. Meyers told my insurance company that the ring was damaged and pronged incorrectly when I brought it to him, therefore my insurance company wouldn’t pay for a replacement or repair of the damage he had done. Lewis had no notes or documentation of anything being wrong with the ring before I dropped it off, and if it WAS indeed damaged, I should have been informed before he attempted to make ANY kind of repair. Inspections and documents from Zales confirmed that the ring was in perfect condition before it was taken to Gold Mine. | Thankfully, Zales was willing to replace my ring even after I had voided their warranty by taking it to Gold Mine. I’m filing this complaint because I know this isn’t the first time Gold Mine has scammed someone, and I want other customers to be made aware. I have also been in contact with the Better Business Bureau regarding this complaint.

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