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Did Not Work and the Return Policy Is Terrible

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Published: 09 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

I tried the Good Feet inserts about 5 months ago. I was desperate and those commercials they run kept running through my brain. I tried the inserts for $700 and they did not work. I was unable to wear the “Strengtheners” for more than 5 hours and the Maintainers didn’t do much. I followed the guide to wearing these inserts exactly and even went back to the store for help/guidance. They did attempt to swap out the “Strengtheners” with a different size but it never worked. The sales guy acted as though I really didn’t try so I showed him a log of the hours I spent wearing these things. He was generally not sincere.

In short, these made things much worse for me. I had to go see a foot doctor only to be lectured about buying these inserts. So the end result was returning these for store credit. I ended up getting a gift card with $700 on it. I did buy some shoes but frankly, their selection is weak. Things to consider: 1) I’m sure these might work for you. I don’t believe the football player in the commercial saying he could have gotten another ring if he had these. Pro players get the absolute best treatment. I’m sure it’s a paid endorsement.

2) They like to have people use their foot massage while they get your inserts from the back. Don’t do this. The foot massage does feel great but it masks the use of the insert they have you try on. Meaning you think the insert is making things better when really it’s the foot massage after effect. Good Feet should actually sell the foot massage unit. I feel using the foot massage is where I made the mistake, so don’t do it.

3) There’s no cash return. I knew this so I can’t really complain but it sure stinks. Having $700 store credit at a place like this isn’t exciting in the least bit. 4) The cost. They initially wanted me to spend $1K on a set of three. Why? The margins on these are probably around 10,0000%. This is not a simple cheap investment for the average joe (like me). Other: I ended up getting inserts for $59 which solved my issue. Customer Service – not great. I call them to ask about shoes and they put me on hold.

Then someone from an entirely different store 40 miles away picks up. What? I rarely get a callback and I’m nice to them! Summary: There are other solutions on the market that cure feet issues and a much lower price. In addition, if you review eBay, these inserts seem to show up a lot for resale. Hmmmm I wonder why??? Best of luck.

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