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Slow delivery and missing product

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Published: 26 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I was about to open a tattoo parlor and after all the arrangements being done, the only thing left, was a tattoo machine kit. I was quite new to this field and had very little idea about the main stuff. I wanted to buy the kit online so that I can have time to do the left out arrangements. After searching online for a genuine shop with a good and branded collection, I zeroed in on the Good Fellas Tattoo Lounge to get my tattoo machine kit. They had a good collection but the price was high. Branded things cost more so it didn’t bother me much for buying costly products. I shortlisted 5 different types of kit.
After finalizing them, I placed the order online but even after several tries I couldn’t because the server was down under maintenance. I was told to come back after 3 hours after I contacted their customer support online and I did the same but still, the same error appeared when I tried placing the order. Though the next day their webpage was back to normal and I finally placed my order. The payment method was strange as they didn’t have an option for cash on delivery, they only accepted payment by card and some other random ones. I had no other option so I placed the order and the payment was also complete. The expected delivery date was 10 days from the date I placed the order. It usually takes a week by a reputed online shopping company to deliver the product but the Good Fellas Tattoo Lounge didn’t seem to be one imo. It didn’t bother me much and I waited for the next 10 days for the product to arrive. The opening of my tattoo parlor was right on the 11th day. It was 10 days and I was stressing my pants out because it was evening and the product still didn’t arrive. I tried calling the courier boy in charge of my delivery. After several tries, he picked up my call and informed me that my products had not yet been dispatched and it would take more than 2 days to arrive. I had to postpone the opening sadly. I was disappointed by their poor service.
The product arrived after 3 days and I was already pissed by their service and as soon as I opened my product I noticed that there were only 4 kits and 1 was missing. By this time it was late and the courier boy flew away before I could inform him. I tried calling him many times but he didn’t pick up. It was that time I realized not to buy online products. The product delivered was not complete and the money was not refunded for the left out the item. I would not buy any products online because of the poor service by the Good Fellas Tattoo Lounge. Please don’t buy products from them because they don’t deliver the product on time and also the product delivered was not satisfying at all. Take out time and buy your product directly from the shop and not online. Thank you!

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