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Tooo Many Unnecessary Watch Tactics

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Published: 29 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

All right, so let’s cut to the chase – this Goodwill Outlet Superstore has way too many unnecessary
watch tactics. Please, let me explain.

First, in Seattle, where I have visited and shopped at a Goodwill Outlet of a similar nature, – I was simply able to browse,
shop, make selections, and make a purchase. Enough said. The store in Seattle is a bit smaller, and has
no furniture. But, the staff are much more ’hands off.’ I never saw any staff in Seattle perusing around
around for the sake of trying to catch someone who did nothing wrong. Essentially, trying to make a ’false arrest’ or ’false
theft claim.’

In Portland, Oregon – different story. There is always this one staff person – he walks around, and looks around
at you. You can be by yourself and he’ll just ’brush’ buy and walk by. A man maybe 30 something with
short brown hair, glasses. It’s soooo obvious he’s trying to ’catch’ you doing something. Well, what if you took off your coat
because it’s hot, and were walking around/shopping and then put your own coat back on? There were definitely a couple times I went
into the Portland store where I had to ’announce’ at checkout: ”this is my (scarf), (hat), (bag) etc.” This was to avoid any
false claims I took the items.

In Oregon, people make false police reports ALL the bloody time. It’s like people are bored and get off on it. I would not even
be surprised if this happened at this store, because of a couple close calls I had where staff people were literally over my shoulder trying to look at what I was doing.

When I was younger, occasionally, I’d walk off with an item at a store, simply because I tried on, say, a hat and then didn’t put it back. Theft is about intent. Here, if your kid did that, I am not so sure you could go back in and turn in the hat without them thinking you are turning yourself in for ’theft.’ See the difference?

I am so glad to be shopping back in the Seattle location. Phew.

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