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Published: 01 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

We attened the stop smoking seminar for 50.00. It says guaranteed to stop right then, says nothing in ad about very high pressure vitamin supplements sales. The first hour is him going over what smoking does to your body and how each supplement will work for each particular ruined body part. You then get a smoking break your last cigarette ever! Then its back to more vitamins and sales and why you must get them all, 4 months worth atleast or the hypnosis basically wont work and youll get fat also. During break is your first opportunity to buy them and when most didnt his attitude changed sharply. He claimed then that there is NO medical conditiln or reason why you cant take these,so buy them snd check with yoye Dr. And if he says you cant take them you can request a refund but wait..NO Dr.will say no. He reiterate s this many times that they are safe and you need them to reverse the smoking effect s and also the weight gain supplements so you dont get fat cause you will when you quit smoking,even skinny ppl need these so you maintain being thin. Then lights go out and you take 3 breaths and listen to him try to relax you by stating invision yourself licking an ashtray!! It was maybe 20 mins of relaxing and him talking more telling you your in orange liquid from toes to legs and how warm it is n good it feels and again licking an ashtray and putting your face in it. Counts and lights go on and guess what? We are bacm to SALES!! For those who didnt buy which was most, he can post datw your credit cards because they use the old slide machine so they can run it several times to break up payments and also can do other forms this wsy because in order for this program to work you must buy these 379.00 of vitamins which is 4 months worth!! When you dont buy yoimmediately get the cold shoulder and forget about any thank yous or goodbyes! He was plainly aggravated half of this seminar because ppl didnt buy.After waking…ok..he told us to look at it this way..the money we can dave not buying cigarettes,lifhters,gas to get them et .can today be used on these vitamins and we will have more money next month because were not SMOKING. We were so happy to be going in to quit smoking and I now have learned I will do it on my own, as what horrible ppl these ppl are. Thet belittle you and make you feel guilty so youll buy these supplements and to lie about Doctor s that way and how all would approve someone to take them is horrible when theyre not fda approved..saw that on bottle. SO PLEASE do not waste your money like we did or valuable time on this sales scam. This article is 100 percent truth and please dont listen to the you tube testimonials as we did. They are obviously a scam and work for the company, or who knows what.The man we had was very nice until he made no sales and it was tense trying to relax when he was obviously upset that he wasnt persuading ppl to buy large amounts. How can hypnosis work when this is the atmosphere created by the instructor. I tried to ask a question when it was over and the man turnec his back and kept walking,he was not happy. So beware and someone needs to make them change the add to warn ppl about it mainly being a vitamin sales seminar and get them to not say all doctors will approve this and anyone can take them no matter what illness. Horrible experience.

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