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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Predatory lenders were run out of Arizona a number of years ago…..Well, they are back, in the form of property management. This new breed of property management preys on the mid to low income families that do no have the resources to fight them. They are pleasant and nice to get you in, but then distant, difficult, and rude. They have a method of fees based around AZ tenant law that almost works perfectly, almost. What they miss, the part that matters, ‘act in good faith’. This they fail at utterly. The tactics they implement……’stall, distort, deny, and threaten.’ They start by shutting off any form of payment other than cashier’s check or money order on the fifth. Not necessarily a problem, however, they do NOT accept partial payments and while you are talking to the individual at Gorenter, the fees are ticking. So when you get off the phone or get the email response and arrive at the location to pay with said cashier’s check or money order, the balance is different, ‘so sorry, go get more.’ I have told my story before and i get a common reaction, ‘why would a company refuse payment?’ They immediately start eviction proceedings, we had our first filed within 3 weeks of living in the residence, we didn’t even realize we were late on anything. No worries though, get caught up, and all is well. Except you cannot get caught up. Our rent was basically a $1,000.00, give or take. December of ’12, through their delay tactics, $1,000 turned into 2,100.00. The last month, I was absolutely done, and said, ‘i’m fighting this time.’ Went to court, the Judge even stated on the record, Gorenter is acting unethically and against fair business practices…..and followed it with, ‘Stop It”…..He struck through their fees and fines, balance owed, $790. Guess what, they refused to accept it if we didn’t pay the rest of that were negated by the Judge. Their in-house counsel told me, ‘I don’t care what the Judge ordered, pay it or we will proceed with the eviction.’ They evicted us because we refused AND pocketed the $790. Amazing but it gets better. This story is long and boring but the bottom line……….We moved out in Jan ’12, my wages are being garnished for 6K+ because they refused to apply money they had from us in hand to our account, then run back to court randomly and up the balance after the statute of limitations had expired. They are a wonderful company that really cares. Now, why you ask are they doing this. Well……..6k is 6 months rent for little to no work. Years later, so if they turn over three or four tenants in a year……They now have 5-7 individuals like me by law paying them without hassle……on the same residence….give it a couple years and you could have a couple dozen paying you on the same residence….That is so much more productive than having 1 Happy Tenant. Seriously, instead of 1k per month in actual rent…..They are making 10s of thousands in delayed rent on the same property Oh…..and don’t try to find an attorney, for some reason, every attorney I inquired about this case told me, ‘sucks to be you, just pay the garnishment and chalk it up as a learning lesson’…..Guess they have greased the right palms. .

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