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I finally got the appointment 5 weeks after my first visit!

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Published: 11 May 2019

Posted by: Joyce

If I could give ZERO ratings to Gorgeous Smiles, then I would do it. The main dentist at this place is THE WORST dentist I have ever seen in my whole life. The staff at Gorgeous Smiles is so ignorant, that it took me ages just to get an appointment. The lady didn’t know where she kept my file record and when she did, she told me that the doctor is going to be unavailable for 4 weeks. Then when I waited for the whole 4 weeks and went there, she told me that the doctor has taken a rainy day and I will have to reschedule my appointment. If this would have happened once, then I would have accepted it, but this happened FOUR TIMES! Maybe God was trying to save me from this incompetent dentist.

I went there with my wife and the doctor noticed that her crown needs to be replaced. I told her to get it done and the doctor went on to do his thing. But soon after this crown was installed in my wife’s teeth, she noticed that it was too long and she was not able to close her mouth fully. She told the doctor that the crown was very high, and instead of really accepting his mistake, he stated,” It will settle down, don’t worry too much”. My wife and I waited for a week and guess what, the crown did not settle down, it was just as high as before. Seeing this, we went to Gorgeous Smiles AGAIN for getting it “settled”. The dentist told us he would easily adjust it and instead of shortening the crown, he ground down the opposite tooth! He didn’t even touch the fucking crown! Soon after we got out of the clinic, my wife started feeling extreme sensitivity and pain in her teeth. She got an appointment with her ortho who told her that the opposite teeth have been damaged severely and the crown that she has is not fitted properly. He advised her to get a second opinion on the crown and get an X-ray done. We went to another dentist who showed us the gap of many millimetres between the stub and the crown. We sent these new X-ray files to Gorgeous Smiles to ask him about it. We got no reply from him. And after 2 weeks we decided to go to the other dentist and get the tooth treated. The other dentist took out the low-quality crown and told us that the last dentist used a ton of adhesive on the crown which made it fragile and unstable. When we told Gorgeous Smiles about this, the dentist said that it is not his responsibility now because we went to another dentist and we should never come back to Gorgeous Smiles ever again. Please keep away from Gorgeous Smiles. They made my wife suffer a lot and made her cry. Moreover, the opposite tooth that the dentist of Gorgeous Smiles ground can never be cured now, it is permanently sensitive.

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