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Published: 08 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is the email I have sent to the company several times: | On 14 September I applied for your property at 160 Hunters Lake Drive, Villa Rica, GA. On 15 September I went to the home to view it. While sitting waiting for my realtor to come, I noticed a gentleman there who was taking a box into the home. He later approached me, asked me if I was there to view the home, and told me that he had already rented it out 3 weeks prior. I was very surprised because my realtor had spoken with someone the day before who had given her the lockbox code and told her that the home was still available. I had no reason to not believe him because he went into the home with a box as if he was moving in. | On 16 September I called your office and left a message to inform someone of what I experienced. I did not hear back from anyone until 18 September (Morgan) through text message asking for more information reference my application. I called Morgan and informed her of what I experienced on the day I went to view the home. She informed me that no one had signed a lease for that property. I told her that the gentleman went into the house as if he was moving in. She told me that no one is supposed to be in the home and that she would have someone to check it out. I informed her that I wanted a refund of my application fee. She told me that she would check with upper management and be back in touch with me in a couple of days. I never heard back from her. | On 22 September I called to follow up and had a very unpleasant conversation with a male representative (I did not get his name). I informed him of my experience and wanted to know the status of my refund. The gentleman told me that I would not be getting a refund because the property had actually not been rented out until a couple of days ago. I told home that Morgan nor anyone else had been in contact with me again to let me know what was going on. I paid an application fee for a home that I did not get to view and if it was in fact still available someone should’ve have contacted me and told me that. I do not live in Georgia, I took time out of my schedule to travel from Louisiana to look at this home. The conversation continued to go in circles and he was very rude by talking over me several times, even after I asked him to please not do that. He would ask me questions and then would not allow me to answer them. But one thing he did tell me is that this is not the first time your company has had issues with someone squatting in one of your homes. He stated that someone was living in one of your homes for a MONTH before any of you realized it. This raises safety issues for me that I may encounter while viewing one of your homes. What if I and/or my realtor is attaked by one of your squatters. | I no longer wish to do any business with this management company, a management company who is clearly having issues with managing its properties. The gentleman I spoke with on that day seemed very nonchalant and unconcerned about the entire situation. My application was NOT processed, I was bamboozled at the property, therefore I would like my application fee refunded. I took all the necessary steps I needed to to make you all aware of what happened. Not only did I contact you all, my realtor did too. I would appreciate inmediate resolution to this situation. I have contacted the BBB reference this matter and will continue to contact any and all entities that handle complaints of this nature until this issue is resolved to my liking. Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you very soon. | (Please note when I left a voice message on 16 September 2017 I informed them that I wanted my application fee refunded {$25}) | On 25 September I spoke with Stephanie Wright who attempted to blame why I could not get my money back on me. After going in circles again with her, she told me that they would not refund my money because they had already began the process of processing my applicaion by requesting a credit report and background check. Well, after our conversation I did my own research…my credit was not pulled until 18 September (remember I left a message with them on 16 September stating that I was no longer interested because of the experience that I had and I did request a refund) therefore I am in fact entitled to my money back. It is not my fault that they did not check their messages, disregarded my message, or whatever else they did. I just want my money back (cash, check, or money order).

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