GPAR Designs, LLC.

GPAR Designs, LLC.

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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Took $10,000 as his “half down requirement.” Promised three weeks. When I would checked the site, no one there many times. A few times, his step son and a few other kids who made messes with the little bit of painting they attempted (looked like kids did it.) A few times, day labor guys were there and didn’t have proper supplies which I went and bought at Home Depot. I showed up one of the times someone was there and they were fixing a small cut of a wall which was marked to be taken out. After three weeks, I wanted my money back. He said “I have six of these on fire, I will take $2,000 off your total bill.” I finally sued hin and won… sorta. Judge said “you are getting half. Half is a lesson since you should have checked him out better and stopped him sooner.” The time has passed on my judgement and he still wont pay me, so now I have to go spend more money in court to file liens and get the Sherriff to bring heat etc. I finally did do some homework. Strange, the BBB report I filed is now gone, but I found these four people who had same terrible rip off experience and filed BBB Complaints on Micheal Greg Parsons and GPAR Designs, LLC. Can’t remember his partners name, but he only came into the home I was remolding once and didn’t do the comunicating. | Don’t give this guy your money and hopefully this prevents you from experienceing the nighmare of drama he has put us through. It was not just the money, the interest on the loans, storage, living in a camper, me leaving work to check on the “lack of” work etc. Seems to be a con man, just taking money… sprinkles a little to make it look like some work was done then travels down the road. He let’s you get mad and confriont him over and over… then stops responding. He had money for an attorney to appear at court, but can’t pay my judgement which is about a third of the actual money I am out. Avoid and if you hvae been ripped off, report him and stop him. Seemed like a likeable guy, but a quote comes to mind when Michael Greg Parsons and/or GPAR Designs, LLC comes up – “your actions speak so loud, I canno’t hear what you are saying.”

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