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We made the mistake and paid for it.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

It had been a long time since I and my wife went to a new place and take a tour. Both of us being great travel-freaks, decided to do something fun and refreshing. We were in Las Vegas when we decided to go for a tour of the Grand Canyons. We wanted a tour company that would not take more than people on the tur at once and a friendly tour guide who would stay with us all the time, pointing out beautiful spots. After searching for companies that fulfilled all the criteria, we came across Grand Adventures Tours. It seemed perfect for us and therefore we decided to go for it.
We decided to opt for the ‘Grand Canyon Sunset Tours’ as it seemed perfect for a romantic getaway. Although it was a bit expensive, we went for it hoping that the experience would be worth the 160$. We had read the itinerary beforehand on the website and had planned about how we would explore the place to the fullest.
The tour started and we were given a McDonald’s Breakfast. To be honest, it was the first of many disappointments, as the food tasted bad. It had gone stale. We did not eat it and had to buy our food from another place. Our tour guide did not seem to be much if an enthusiastic and lively soul. We went to Hoover Dam after the breakfast where we saw the beautiful intake towers. We wanted to stay for five more minutes to click pictures of the place but the tour guide prohibited us and told us that we would be left out of the tour if we did not listen to him. Our tour continued to Kingman but we did not rest as according to the guide, we were behind schedule. We took route 66 and it was breathtaking. When one of the tourers asked about the significance of the Grand Canyon, the tour guide ignored his question. We finally made a stop at El Tovar Hotel. When we reached, the tour guide excused himself and went away. He was supposed to come back after five minutes but he took almost an hour to return and stated that it was ‘an emergency’ as the excuse. It was starting to get dark and all of us hurried off to Yavapai point. We walked as fast as we could but missed the sunset. It was so dark that we had to use flashlights on our way back.
After so much talk about being the top Grand Canyon tour company, Grand Adventures hardly delivered on any of the promises. We were not even told which spots were Photo-Friendly and neither were we treated with respect or at least a basic sense of decency. We missed the most important part, the sunset and we could not have been more disappointed.
A humble request -If you are ever in Las Vegas or want to take a tour of the Grand Canyon, please do not go for Grand Adventures Tours.

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