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Published: 22 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Arnold Benson of Grand Cabinets in Grand Prarie Texas is in his 14th year of running a successful remoldeling scam. The perp’s are His son Micah or Michael benson, x wife “Genine Bernson”, who is employed by the Dallas Fire Department, and property management company Jim Lake Companies who employs property manager “Ken Miller. We were scammed in 2007 and here is how it works. You hire a kithchen remoldeler “Arnold Benson” who gets as much money up front as possible before starting the job. Arnold comes to your home with his son and rips out your old cabinets, electrical and plumming and the hauls off the demo material never to be heard from again. The water and electrical to your house have been turned off. You start researching Arnold and find out that you are one of many victims over a long history. You win a court judement against him, but find that there are many judements against him and you can’t collect because he and his son own nothing. Everthing is rented; cars, trucks, tools. The wood shop machinery is owned by his Ex wife “Genine Benson” and the leasing company “Jim Lakes Properties” is well aware that Arnold is using the property to defraud people, but doesn’t care because they are collecting rent on the property. The “Jim Lake Companies” property manager “Ken Miller” has even taken money from victims, because Arnold tells the victims he can’t complete the job because he ran out of money and is being evicted from his wood shop. You then go to your local District Attorney to file criminal charges only to find they won’t file criminal charges because the act was a civil matter known as “Default of Contract”. You file a suit againt Jim Lake Companies only to find your have gone up against a 50 million dollar leasing company. This was my situation in 2007. I am posting Arnolds picture for the benifit of other victims. Congradulations Arnold, Michah Andrew and Genine Benson, Ken Miller of Jim Lake Companies, you have found a criminal loop hole in the system for theft. My advice to anyone who is still persuing these people is to contract the Tarrant County DA’s office and file a report and contact Arnold’s probation officer, he did a few years for theft by check. I have a 20 page document of Arnold’s history as well as a list of prvious victims and contact info. Unfornately its out of date. I am posting Arnold’s mug shot.

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