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Published: 11 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

They will promise you everything will be ready by the time you move in. That is how they get you to put a deposit down. When you come to move in, the trailer will still be untouched as it was 2 weeks earlier. You are told you will not get your deposit back for 30-60 days if at all. I was basically forced to sign a lease that was about 20 pages long-and NEVER was able to get a copy of it even though I asked 4 times. That is illegal! I was forced to pay for 4 smoke alarms which only 2 were ever put in the home SIX days after living in the nasty trailer. I was told fire code required 4 alarms or Grandview will get a $500 fine. (I will not pay it!) I had no back stairs upon moving in, black mold and cockroach feces in both bathrooms as well as all through the kitchen & cupboards which I still do not use-how disgusting! I never knew cockroaches had a smell. Kitchen cupboards were unstable, under sink leaked, stove is 2nd hand and doesnt work proerly, no safety glass on front of the stove. The master bath tub leaked all over the floor for 3 weeks before they came UNANNOUNCED into the trailer. They left a HUGE mess and broke my garden statue outside of the home…..I wish I could post the 230 pics I have taken. You would think a 2 yr old caulked the tub-no kidding, it looks like meringue peaks. Cats everywhere, ferral and FLEAS!!!! the flea problem is aweful! Dead cats will be found. Management will tell you to dispose of the body. Cat feces and spray is everywhere. They left a huge uhaul truck parked in my parking spot for over a week-I had to constantly ask for things to get done-many requests have been ignored. I removed three huge bags of garbage from around the trailer (yard) but I will NOT clean the garbage that is STINKING under the trailer. Not a single light bulb in trailer. I was told the trailer had central ac/heat-not. A three bedroom trailer only gets one ac unit in the livingroom. We were responsible to buy bedroom ac units-so we cant even use the 3rd bedroom. No window blinds. No hot water first day. The pool is never open. No mailbox upon moving in as promised. Windows are glued in plexiglass, there is no free month of rent and there is no veteran discount. AND if you think the NO CREDIT CHECK applies as it states online-your wrong. They wont tell you how much the rent is until you tell them how much you earn. Water gets shut off for a whole day at a time 8a-8p. They charge way too much for water as well. Rentals are paid weekly, and if you dont pay by Sat noon, they will begin evicting you on Monday. Three day rule if your family wants to visit even though you will see trailers stuffed with people living there. Holes in the fencing implies homeless bums are coming into the garbage fillled empty trailers at night to sleep. The entire trailer has holes in walls and ceilings and was never repaired after the last people moved out. BUT of course I will be charged a cleaning fee of around $265 or more when I move out. I should NOT have to make the repairs myself! Renters beware-check online sites like Facebook and the affordable family site. I should have read before trusting management (ha ha) would do what they say they will. Do not rent from Paul Chad Comingore. Want a copy of your lease? They just do not know how to make a copy for you!!! Renters BEWARE!!!

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