Granite Transformations

Granite Transformations

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Granite Transformations have the motto “Done in a day, beautiful for life” (it only had taken more than a month, almost two). I hired this company in February 17, 2017 for re-facing my cabinets, change my floor, redo my pantry, and install real quartz on the counters and as back splash. | I have to wait for they star the job on April 24 looking forward to have a perfect finished product, but today June 13, 2017 they have still have not gave me the kitchen I want. | Granite Transformations have discriminated against me because I am of Hispanic origin. I regret very much I let they enter to my house to do such “sloppy job”. My only mistake in this matter is that I trusted the sale woman and I did not requested a detailed planogram of the job they were going to do. | I have making scheduled payments since February and in the last payment they charged me double the amount without let me know and only because the bank call me I could cover immediately that overdraft. I was going to pay them with different cards and in different days, and they did not even apologized, they only said “okay we apply the extra charge to the next payment”. | I accept some, but not all of the repairs Granite Transformations offers: | 1. When I signed the contract the sale person never wrote the specifics of the job and never show me any diagram for my backsplash. The corner of the stove wall is part of the countertop. I want my backsplash there. | 2. Yes, I accept an installer come to my house and in my presence he smooth out the under fill of the island, the sink and the counters. By the way, I just noticed an open space between the floor and the cabinets. The installer needs to repair this also. | 3. Yes, Steve Zimmer (one of the workers) fixed the handle of the faucet, but I am concerned that a new faucet already have that problem. | 4. Yes, I accept they install another model of the blind corner without additional charge. | 5. The workers damaged the wall corners and I need they repair that. About the hardware of my doors I would not let them to fix that because I am afraid they are going to do another sloppy job. | 6. TIM one of the managers agreed to pay $100 dollars for the dent Steve Zimmer did to my refrigerator. I do not understand why Beth Haney treats me as a liar, and do not want to honor what Tim told me in person. The refrigerator have some marks because was in a narrow place, but I am showing the only dent it has after Steve Zimmer put it in my garage. See the attached pictures. | 7. I did not understand the explanation over the phone of Beth Haney about the quartz countertops, but still I think that Granite Transformations brochure is confusing because it has a list of materials for the counters, and one of them is quartz and another is recycled glass. My countertops are from the list of recycled glass. | 8. I cannot recover my old sink, disposer and faucet, but bother me the workers took them without permission. | 9. I have no hired anybody for paint my kitchen, but the installers of Granite Transformations used some kind of white paint or liquid for the wall trims and let stains in my garage, driveway and grass. I have cleaned it and cut my grass several times but still they are visible. See the attached pictures | 10. My car tire was damaged with a nail from my old wall kitchen trims that the workers let on the garage floor. I took the car to the repair shop immediately I noticed the left front tire was almost flat. I have just the receipt from the repair shop. | 11. I know is normal all the dust from the construction, but what bother me is the big pieces of the materials they use for install the new floor in the air vents. By the way, I never received the welcome letter with all the specifics of the job Beth Haney said they mailed. | I think all these troubles and “sloppy” job deserve a repair and a discount. I also hope really all the materials be Lifetime Warranty as they advertise and I need my warranty in writing. | Thank you very much for your attention in this matter. | Respectfully,

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