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Grant Cardone – An Arrogant, Self-Obsessed Narcissist

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Published: 19 April 2019

Posted by: Neal

Do you know what a narcissist is? If you don’t know then take a look at some of the content of Grant Cardone and you will understand the meaning of this word easily. Grant Cardone is a self-obsessed, egoistic, greedy guy who tries every possible tactic to get money from you. Like many other BS-selling motivational gurus, Grant Cardone’s products contain no value and cost a ton.



Scientologist Grant Cardone Showers in the Nude with His Nine Year Old Daughter Days Before His “10X Growth Conference 3” with Spanx CEO Sarah Blakely and Others.After briefly showing Grant filming himself on his phone, she later shows off their shower area, and asks Grant to “cover yourself up.” We then see Cardone under a double shower head, holding a towel in front of himself. Elena then asks their naked 9-year-old daughter to peek out behind her father, and points out that they’re showering together. “This is living, ha boo?” Elena says. Now, in some cultures it might not be too unusual for a man to be showering with his 9-year-old daughter, but for Americans like the Cardones, it seems a little off-putting, to say the least. And we can’t help thinking about Scientology’s dictum that children are actually ancient beings in small packages.

You buy a GC course and you get nothing. How can I say all this? Because I had the subscription of the f*cking Grant Cardone University for my entire team. It cost me a lot. This f*cking thief stole money from me through his fake promises and made up lies. I wish I never bought that course. It only got me entrapped in Grant Cardone’s nonsensical rubbish.

It is important that you know the reality of Grant Cardone. Because if you don’t then you can also fall prey to this depraved and aggressive assh*le. I’m certain that you won’t be able to find anything negative for this guy, which is concrete and convincing. I WOULD NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH GRANT CARDONE.

His staff is always pre-occupied and they don’t have time to hear your side or your problems. NOOOO! They only want you to buy something from them. Yes, whenever you talk to them, it should be about making a deal. If you don’t buy something from Grant Cardone, you will be spammed 24/7. I always curse the day when I first contacted these guys for getting me the course. It didn’t take them long to ruin my enthusiasm and show their true colours.

My experience with this largely headed drug-addict has been torturing. I wish those days never existed. Alas, I can’t change history. But I hope to alert anybody else who is thinking of becoming a GC student or thinking of working with (or for) Grant Cardone. If you don’t want to read the entire complaint, you can simply read the following sentence:

“Stay away from Grant Cardone”.


If you have sufficient time, please take a look at my experiences. You can thank me later when you save those thousands of dollars in the future.



GC University is Overpriced Trash (My Experience)

If you take any interest in entrepreneurship or business growth, Grant Cardone will begin to pop up in your feed. Whether it’s on YouTube or Instagram, Grant Cardone succeeds in finding his way in your feed. He claims to own real estate worth in hundreds of millions of dollars. He claims to be one of the best marketers present on this planet and he also claims to be the best salesperson.

He is a total jerk who never hesitates in rubbing his success on someone’s face. I had seen some of his content and one of my team members was a fan of this guy. Why? Because Grant says that chasing money isn’t wrong.

That’s a good view but having a unique perspective on things doesn’t allow the guy to start lying and start scamming people. That’s what Grant does. He scams people. He is so full of himself that he doesn’t even care about his customers. His employees follow his footsteps and they behave the same way. They don’t hesitate to use cuss words with their customers.

I remember hearing a customer support representative saying, “I will keep f*cking calling you until you give me your business, sir.” What the hell is that? No f*cking customer support executive talks to the customers like that. Grant’s staff should know better, after all, they work under the biggest marketer on the planet.

Well, my team member who was also the fan of Grant wanted me to try his content. I wasn’t interested. No, I wasn’t interested in this guy at all. Then he started telling me how Grant has built a huge empire through his cunning and intelligence and how his knowledge can benefit our company. Now, he had got my attention. My sales weren’t looking good so I thought I should get a training course.

I guess he had brought up the point at that time because he knows I was looking for some training material. Anyway, I visited the website of Grant Cardone University and I was amazed to see so many experts there. There were plenty of positive testimonials present on the website praising the course in numerous ways so I thought it would be perfect for my team.

Now, Grant Cardone University is quite costly. Even for a single individual, it charges around $10,000 for a year’s access. Even after the discount, the amount drops to $1000 but that still is a considerable investment for a person.

If the individual plan alone costs this much, you can imagine how expensive the corporate plan was. However, there weren’t any popular trainers available at the moment and from what I saw, Grant Cardone was looking quite legitimate. The cost for their corporate plan is not disclosed on their website and because they had made me sign a huge T&Cs document, I don’t know if I should mention its cost price here. So, I won’t mention the amount.

However, you should that it was in tens of thousands of dollars.

When I bought the course, it was full of a lot of lessons and programs. It was just too much for a person to consume but I had already made a staggering investment and I couldn’t back down, right?

If I had any f*cking idea that the course will turn out to be a hoax, I would have never made such a huge investment. I lost a huge sum, I tell you. If I had spent that money on something worthy, my business would have seen some real growth.

I kept up with the course for around 2-3 months. Corporate training consisted of no valuable information. There were some titbits which seemed to be of value but they were just the ideas which Grant believed in. And if you would take a look at his YouTube content, you’ll guess what those ideas are. I had bought the subscription for 5 months. After 3 months, I realized that I don’t need to keep the course so I asked them to cancel my subscription. This is where they made the biggest mistake. They told me that I should hang on to the course and buy a year’s subscription for my team. The whole course is online and told me that it has a lot of content to offer.

But I had already made up my mind. I didn’t want to waste any more time of my team on some nonsensical course which never made any sense in the first place. I told them to cancel my subscription and after a little arguing, they did it. But they didn’t give me a refund. You know why?

Because Grant Cardone University DOESN’T HAVE A REFUND POLICY!

I wasn’t asking for a refund of the three months I had used the course fro. No, I was asking for the refund for the two months which I had bought but didn’t use. Their no refund policy is mentioned somewhere in their gigantic Terms and Conditions.

My torture had only started. Soon, my email and my phone were spammed continuously by Grant’s people. My feed was filled with Grant’s content. I was as if I had hit a beehive because a swarm was chasing me. His salespeople kept pressuring me to buy more of his products or services.

My experience has been pitiful and full of disappointment. I can tell you one thing: Never do business with any of Cardone’s products. You will only hurt yourself.


About Grant Cardone

So Grant has his own Wikipedia page, which states that he was born on 21st March 1958 in Louisiana (Lake Charles). He graduated from the LaGrange High School in 1976and went to McNeese State University for 4 years after which he got his Bachelor of Science in Accounting.

Grant Cardone knows how to build a brand for himself and he has done exactly that with his brand. He has a fabricated story which he uses EVERYWHERE. This story has been published on Inc., Investopedia and many other places. Grant has many connections in high places which he uses for the sole purpose of self-promotion. All these stories say that Grant used to do a lot of drugs (which can definitely be true) until the age of 24, after which he changed his life completely.

He started working as a car salesman after college, where he sucked. He claims that he changed his whole life with hard work and passion, but I don’t think that it is the case.

One thing is for sure, Cardone is a high-pressure drug addict who earns money by deceiving people. In one of his videos, he claims he uses TRT and steroids. There are so many things wrong about Grant and the worst thing is that people listen to him and follow him blindly. The kind of attitude which Grant is promoting is certainly not healthy. His fake persona on the internet is really harmful to the youth and the millennials.

Other people who have suffered because of Grant Cardone
I found out that I’m not the only one who has dealt with the real side of Grant Cardone. There are quite a lot of people who have suffered because of him. Cardone is a really selfish guy and if anyone tries to tell the truth about him or his company, he attacks them with his full potential. Most of the critical reviews on Grant Cardone or Cardone Industries are taken down by the reputation management team of Cardone. This way, they keep running their syndicate without any hiccups or potential problems.

Most of the complaint that are against his companies are removed but with more and more people telling the truth, Grant’s rep management team has failed to remove a few of the complaint from the internet.


Remove me from the marketing list

I want to be removed from the marketing list of Cardone Training Technologies! I was contacted by the sales and marketing team of Cardone Training Technologies this week and I clearly told them that I don’t want to be part of their program. Even then he contacted me almost immediately after that and I said the same thing, I don’t want to be on your list. But guess what? He called me 5 times more and I repeated the same sh*t over and over again. And he STILL didn’t remove me from the list. I didn’t have any interest whatsoever in their program but I’m part of their list, every after asking them a dozen times. I know that Grant uses high-pressure sales techniques but this is just too much. All I request is to be removed from the marketing list so I can live a disturbance-free life.


They charged me without asking me

I had to pay for their live show passes without my consent. I only clicked on their link and they automatically used the credit card that was linked to my profile. This is totally unethical and I want my money back. I bought the book of Grant Cardone which only required me to pay for the shipping, but they kept my credit card info with them and charged me! I only wanted to see what the price was and they instantly charged my credit card without even asking me. This type of stuff shouldn’t be allowed and Grant’s company is just stealing people’s money.


What do his employees think about him?

So it seems that Grant Cardone treats his employees like shit. My own experience with Cardone’s employees has been disgusting. They lack professionalism and basic manners. However, after own experience with Grant Cardone, I decided to search this thing up and I found out A TON of reviews on Grant Cardone.

And while some of them gave it 3-4 stars, most of the reviews are of 1-star reviews. This shows the management style and attitude of Cardone. He is not a positive person and the way he tells his management to treat his employees is just unbearable.




What he sells


Cardone University

Grant has a big brand online and he monetizes it fully. Cardone University is one of his main products which fund his lavish lifestyle. It costs up to $19,815and one thing you should know is that IT IS NOT WORTH IT.


Because I had bought one of his courses and my experience was pathetic. I strongly advise you to look the other way whenever you see the “GC” icon imprinted on a product. It’s never worth it.

Well, Cardone is a salesman and he sells a book for cheap to increase his influence. Once you will buy his books and/or start listening to him, he is going to impress you with his “stories”. And after that, he will give you a “call to action” which will either be to buy his other books, hire him or to join the Cardone University.

As you will be impressed with Grant you will not hesitate to pay the crazy amount of money GC is asking and what you will get is, disappointment. He just tells the same stuff over and over again in all his content and the Cardone University is not an exception.

Many people have done the mistake of joining his University and trust me, they regret it a lot. If you really want to know the advance sales techniques then buy other courses, books and podcasts online. There are much more efficient and affordable sources out there which are certainly going to help you.



All his books are just full of life coaching BS and if you want some motivational content for entertainment, then go ahead and buy all his books. But if you really want some quality non-fiction technical books, I would advise you not to get GC’s books.

His most popular books are the “10X Rule” and “Be Obsessed or Be Average”. Both of these books promote the reader to do an unhealthy amount of work with no planning. Hard work does not mean success but Grant will not tell you this, because his brand relies on it.

He has constructed his books in such a way that they motivate the reader to buy Cardone’s other products. It is just a sales loop that he wants to trap you in and if you have a couple of thousand dollars to waste then I will not stop you from buying his books.

How do I know all this? Because I found their reviews and one of my employees had bought the book “Be Obsessed or Be Average” when I had bought the course for my team. The numerous bad experiences of me and my fellow businessmen have taught us that Grant Cardone is a high-level thief and one should always stay wary of any of his companies or products.


Just avoid this guy!

Overall, Grant Cardone is running a huge scam. His products don’t deliver what they promise and his salespeople don’t know any manners or ethics. Cardone will go to any limits to steal money from you. I despise the day I had bought the course from GC University.

I wish my experiences and others’ stories helped you gain an idea of how Grant Cardone is deceiving everyone and running a huge scam. Even now, do you really think Grant Cardone is legit?



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