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Published: 23 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After viewing a tv commerical for the amazing “”grassology”” offer, I proceeded to their website to place my order. The additional “”offer”” advertised on the television was merely an add-on and not a special inclusion as implied on tv. However, I still wanted to try the product, so I proceeded to place my order on the website. When the website brought you to the place where you could review your order, I didn’t give you another option. You could view the confirmation tab, but there was no button to get you to the confirmation. So there was no way to verify the order had been placed. Thinking my computer had frozen, I refreshed the page. When this did not resolved the issue, I exited the page and started over again. Same issue. So I then decided to try and contact the number on the website. It was an automated phone ordering system and no live person was available as an option. Slightly freaked out by this, I called the number provided which delivered me to Telebrands and what I would assume is a call center in another country. They informed me that the order would take 24 to 48 hours to show up and that I would need to call back and cancel it then. After receivning 4 emails confirming my 4 orders, I panicked and immediately called the Telebrads number listed in the confirmation email. Again, they informed me that no order had registerd in their system and would take up to 48 hours to do so. I was outraged and demanded to obtain a contact number directly to grassology. While waiting for the rep to give me the number, the call “”dropped.”” I called back and spoke with another person and asked for the same infomraiton and was told that Telebrands was Grassology, as they are the ones that market and ship for them. The assurred me they could cancel my order over the phone and provide me with a cofirmation number. I proceeded to give them my contact information, but again became outraged when they asked for my credit card number to cancel an order that had already been made with my credit card. I then demanded the company information and was transferred to a supervior. I demanded the company ID number or business license number and was informed the company had neither. I was also told that the only way they could cancel my order before it registered in their system was to provide them with my information again. Obviously, I refused. .

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