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Published: 20 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

First off…I ordered this product with that stupid hose. The total came to around $58.00. The shipping took over 2 months to be delivered. I tried to cancel in between this long wait period. I could they said. After the product was delivered about 2 weeks later, I received a phone call from some foreigner, yes from India. He didn’t speak a lick of understand English. I asked to speak with an English Supervisor so I can understand EXACTLY what was being said. They wanted to bill me again, saying I called them to order additional products. Not true, of course…Total Scam here. Anyway, I finally get around to opening the 3 tiny 1 lb. bags of grass seed. There are no directions regarding where to plant the seed, what zone, how much, etc. So I researched a few grass sites (no, not High Times), and I followed appropriate steps for preparation, such as tilling up the areas where there were bald spots, no grass, and areas where I wanted grass to grow. I took off about 2″ or so in top soil so the dirt was not so hard…or soft. I then waited until the sun went down a bit and then spread the seed with a grass spreader. After the spreading was complete, I lightly sprinkled top soil on top of the seed so the birds and other critters wouldn’t get to it…yet. I then laid pine straw over the top of the top soil. After a decent amount was laid, I then used the sprinkle setting on my hose and wet every area, as not to saturate it, but to dampen in nicely–I repeated this everyday for 60 days! Guess what?? Yep, NO GRASS came up…not even a blade. I called customer service for a refund and they told me if I can wait another 4 months and something might come up. I said, uh…no. I then told him just to refund me. The rep tried to send me back to the grassology site to read how to send product back. First, how can you send grass seed already laid, back to them? Second, doesn’t the guarantee/warranty expire after 60 days or so? I am awaiting my refund and am very curious to find out exactly how much I will be credited back. Bob Villa, you really should be ashamed of yourself promoting this total farce of a product. Very deceptive customer service practice, false advertising, bait and switch, and piss poor product and HASSLE money back guarantee. STAY AWAY from GRASSOLOGY!

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