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Published: 08 October 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Basically, I ordered an engine from Graveyard Motorsports through their website over a year and a half ago, paid them in full $4,800 and sent them my engine out of my vehicle as a core to use for the rebuild and have not received anything in return. Ive contacted the BBB and the Kalamazoo Attorney General and both contacted them asking to resolve the issue but the owner lied to both of them saying that they tried to refund me my money and could not contact me.Ive had tried to contact them repeatedly using every method of contact possible and they wont answer or reply. I know they see the messages because I have an app in my email that tells me when they receive the message and it also let me know every time they reopen it and look at it. He looked at one of my emails 9 times in the same day. I then get an email from them which was an advertisement that they had 6 of the same engines i had ordered in stock and ready to ship. So i act like im someone else wanting to buy one and they called me immediately within minutes of the order being placed. We went through the process same as the first time i bought my engine and they were going to sell me one until it came time for payment, I then told them who i was and that it was already paid for and they hung up on me. I continued to send them messages and make phone calls with no answer or reply. Finally i contacted the salesman that sold me the engine the first time by looking him up on Facebook and sent him a friend request. He accepted and i was able to speak to him by messenger. He said he quit the company because of the way they were ripping people off, he didnt want to be a part of it. Also said they had received 60 orders that past tax season and had not even completed 10 of them before he left. The guy felt bad for me and gave me the owners mothers personal phone number and i called her to inform her that i was going to show up down there with the police so she tried to work something out but when it came time to pay me back the owner ended up yelling at me and saying that hes tired of being harrassed and that I would attract more bees with honey than vinegar and hung up on me again and wouldnt answer the phone. Needless to say, I got scammed for $5k and the block from my car. I have been paying $430 a month for a car that i havent driven in a year and a half. If i didnt live in California Im sure i would have already been put in jail for the things I would like to do to that man and his fake race shop that I now refer to as FRAUDYARD MOTORSPORTS. .

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