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Gravitational Marketing

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Published: 19 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Got a call from one of their telemarketers awhile back inviting me to attend a “bried” Traffic Scale Report. This telemarketer was full of energy and really excited. I found out later he was also full of something else. He told me t here was a way to get $2400 or more per car than I was getting now. He also told me that there was a “hidden market” that nobody else was using. | So I figured it was free and was told it would be brief so I figured, why not? | I agreed to an appointment a few days later. The “specialist” who called me connected me to a presentation. He narrated it and showed me slide after boring slide of totally useless information. I didn’t want to be rude so I let him continue but only after telling him to get to the point. He told me the real meat was coming. So I watched more slides while this guy talked like an auctioneer who also perhaps moomlighted as a radio or tv announcer. | He had a clear speaking, radio announcer type of voice which was probably the only thing that held my attention this far, although I was getting very restless and upset. | The so called traffic scale report ended up showing me how I could attract tens of thousands more customers by tapping into this “hidden market” | He continued to emphasize to “stop comepting on price” and that buyers want to “buy a nicer, newer car” and would pay as much as “$2400 for the same car that others sell for much less” | He then showed me testimonials of supposed successful dealers who bought into this scheme and were generating enormous sums of money. Testimonials were impressive. And some of the people on the slides I heard of before. Seemed so legitmate so I bought in, unfortunately. | Our dealership did generate more traffic, but not anymore sales. We decided to give it some time. Unfortunately without any meaningful results. Rich Dealers designed our radio, tvm direct mail and other advertising including social media. We spent thousands on advertising with no meaninggful results. But we were lucky. I have heard that others paid $25,000 in advertsing in addition to the basis $3,000 and another $5,000 in other products peddled by Rich Dealers. Watch out for the upsell. | Another dissappointment were their quarterly meetings held in Orlando which is part of the fee we pay each month. These meetings are just glorified informercials which we paid for. $9,000 total, $3,000x 3 months plus traveling fees and other expences. What they give you is a smidget of information interspered with useless information and loaded with advertising and upselling. Jimmy and Travis try to put on a comedy act and act like Laurel & Hardy. This is not what we paid for. This might make sense if it were one of those free hotel seminars where we come to expect this. But at an event that we are paying $9,000 for plus traveling expences? Don’t think so. | It has been rumored that the dealers giving raving testimonials are actually partners and members of the staff have a background in running hotel type seminars which explains the upselling. | By the way, that initial telephone presentation lasted over an hour. Remember I was told it would be brief. My lord, I hate to think what they consider long! | In summary, this was a total waste of time and money and I belive a total ripoff. These guys were deceptive from the first call right up to the the informercial quarterly meetings where we get to see the owners perform their ridiculous comedy routine and got to be hussled and high pressured by their slick shyster snake oil salesmen to buy even more of their junk. | Unless you are making so much money that you need a huge tax writeoff, avoid these guys. For the $9,000 I spent and paid to these guys, I could have taken my family on a really nice vacation to Florida, hit Orlando, all of the theme parks, plus gone down to Tampa and enjoyed Bush Gardens, then gone to Cocoa Beach and then Daytona Beach and perhaps taken a cruise to Mexico and still had lots of money left over.

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