Great American Mint and Refinery

Great American Mint and Refinery

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Published: 29 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I can personally verify that Marvin Butler is a thief. | Thank God I am only am out of 50,000 dollars in metals instead of $500K. Boy, did I dodge a bullet! | Let me explain… | He came to my office looking for a $500k investment for 25% of his company. | He showed me his prior years’ tax returns that were negative 600 thousand dollars, negative 400 thousand dollars, and bragged how he was getting out of the hole. (This reminded me of when he used to Brag About owing the IRS millions when he worked at Merit Financial approximately ten years ago) I felt terrible for him because he should never have been in the metals business, to begin with… | He claimed he was meeting with Scott Thomas of Apmex and the head of Golden State Mint, he said both parties were eager to buy his companies assets that were valued at 2 million dollars, but he wanted to business with someone with his same ethnicity. | He claimed he was going to buy the Real Estate that his Great American Mint was located on because his relationship with the owner was so good! And I would be his partner alongside his wife and one other person. | I politely passed on his opportunity because he arrogantly claimed he didn’t need money when I asked him if his real estate located at: 28412 Pinewood Ct Santa Clarita, CA 91390 was owned by him. | I felt uneasy and rightfully so because the next week he sent a notification that he was temporarily ceasing business. After I spoke with him, he asked me not to email him so he could quietly return the gold bars that I entrusted him with… Just give him a few days. | Today I received this email from him: “To all customers and suppliers of Great American Mint Partners, LLC, as of September 30, 2019, Great American Mint Partners, LLC has ceased all operations permanently. Because of financial shortfalls, any substantial assets of the company will be sold and the monies will be distributed to all creditors, including companies that are owed products, payments for services, metals that were in our possession, and any deposits made to us. | Over the past year, we were actively pursuing financing to continue to grow as a company, but in the end were not able to secure the needed financing in time to meet our financial obligations. We regret any undo burdens that this may cause you. Sincerely Great American Mint Partners, LLC” | So much for the financials that say his total assets are worth $1.4 million! | Thank God I am only am out of 50,000 dollars in metals instead of $500K. Boy, did I dodge a bullet!

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