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Worst Scam Of My Life

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Published: 02 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymous

It was several years ago but I’m still pissed off. I just want people to know. It was right before internet dating got huge. I had just ended a relationship I had since a teen. Moved away and saw a newspaper article about an awesome matchmaker in AZ. I called her and she said no one would date me till I lost weight. That’s odd because I recently did modeling. She told me to do outdoor stuff as much as possible. I was only 20 pounds overweight. Feeling horrified I called another service, GE. They promised me guys around my income level and screened for criminal activity and mental illness.

It was really expensive but she had me in a tiny windowless room, pressured me for 30 minutes before asking for the payment over $1000. I then paid at least $100 for mediocre photos. I selected a few guys. Only one responded, rejected me because I didn’t want kids. Wait, but I wanted kids! The office girl yelled at me, saying only people who specifically want kids are labeled as such. But it said I wanted kids clearly on my intake form. “You must have idiots making your profiles!” I said. She said she would message the guys again.

One lanky nerd happened to be from my hometown. But the office girl replied to me in an email “THE IDIOTS GOT YOUR MESSAGE! (the man from your hometown) rejected you again because you have zero attractiveness. Please leave him alone”. I paid all this money for such rudeness? I have never had anyone insult my looks like that. I was only 24, all the men were older. Finally I met someone from GE. He was nice but unemployed. He was on heavy psych meds for “visions of violence” from military service and had tremors. I felt bad for him but unsafe around him. I told GE about his issues and they had the nerve to say I had to buy another photo shoot to stay active. However I noticed my picture stayed on their site for at least a year last I checked it.

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