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Published: 24 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

When this loan was taken out there was no mention of paying a percentage interest rate per day, only a per year. Having dealt with finance companies before. I assumed it would work like theirs. No where in the contract from this company does it state I will have a nine dollar plus some change a day interest rate. With further research, I have found some interesting information out about this company I wish I had found out prior to taking out this loan. But due to the fact they are using the “Tribal Soverignty” as the reason why the are allowed to charge out rageous interest rates for anyone that lives in a state that normaly does not have that and does have limits on what interest rate can be charged. It seems as if as long as any transactions they do “off RESERVATION” HAS TO BE FOLLOWED BY NORMAL STATE GUIDELINES. Therefore as a resident of KY whom has not left KY ground, and only had access to this information on interenet I woud ask this Loan be dismissed. Since it was not nor is it offered in good faith or under or without false pretenses on behalf of their company. THey do not give you any other option but to pay every other week, and I have made three payments and my balance is still where it was when i borrowed.

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