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I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

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Published: 21 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Great Southern Coins is located in Boerne, Texas. It claims that it is the top online source for gold eagle coins, buying silver coins, buying gold and silver bullion and other precious metals. The claims that they are the most trusted name in the industry. Lately, people have shown their concern that they are liars and scammers and will try to steal your money. The customers have told that their coins are not worth what they were bought for. Some customers also said that the descriptions on their website are misleading. I also had a poor experience with this company. I had ordered a 1910 Lincoln Cent a few months ago, advertised as Red Lustrous Gem. But the information on websites was misleading as the cent was shown red on the website but when I received the coin, it was light brown. I thought it was toned, so I sent it to get graded. When it came back I got to knew that the color was altered. I tried to discuss this issue with the staff of this company but they didn’t respond. A customer said that they have listed their item on eBay as auction but if they don’t get enough money for it they cancel the buyers winning bid and try to sell it again. He told that these people are liars and they can’t be trusted so you should research before buying. He said that there are numerous coin shops in the area as well that sell for half the price and they are honest and friendly as well. One of their dissatisfied customers said that he lost thousands of dollars when he bought coins from Great Southern Coins. He said that since 2012 he had bought 50 to 60 sixty coins from them. After some year he used PCGS for grading and got to found out that 80% of these coins were cleaned or over prices. He lost thousands of dollars because of it and never wishes to do business with them. Another customer also reported that he was robbed by Great Southern Coins. He purchased 1799 draped bust dollar listed as clean and without human interference for $3,300. He said after sending it to NGC, it has been manually retouched and is now worth only hundreds of dollars. He said that he was robbed by Great Southern Coins and never wishes to work with them in the future or do any kind of business. Another customer said that he purchased a raw coin $1970 that was described by Great Southern Coins as GEM BUU++. PCGS said it was improperly and circulated. The customer said that the coin is now graded at around $300. He told that he was robbed by Great Southern Coins and would never recommend it to anyone because they try to scam people and make their money from the pocket of customers. Most customers have complained that Great Southern Coins should be banned and there should be a legal action taken towards them.

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