Great Western Steel Building Systems

Is it even an operating company? Or are they just lying?

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Richard

Great Western is a pretentious company that needs to be unmasked before its customers. They have big claims of quality and reliability on their website. This company, Great Western Building Systems claims to be one of the growing industries in Denver, UK and people are eagerly buying their modular steel products to build the own home shop, office, factory, etc. There are more lies about the seamless service and one of kind product they provide but there seems to be no mention of the abysmal lack of accountability they are so known for. They have absolutely no quality control in place to ensure that the work is being done smoothly and the right shipments are passing through. All they care about is orders being placed so they can ship whatever the hell they want to whoever the hell they want. I had placed an order with them for galvanized metal building. They were quite cordial and friendly and helpful in the beginning. The assisted with me everything. I had ordered eve struts. It turns out the ones they sent me were not the ones I had ordered at all.

Anyone would be able to differentiate between these. The ones they sent me were upside and down and bent backwards. They didn’t care to check at the time of prepping the shipment to tally the order. Hey sent it to me simply like that. I received it and it took time btw to arrive. As soon as I saw the wrong shipment, I knew I had missed my deadline. I had to bring back my erectors and have them work on the erecting. It doubled my cost of production. I had to pay them twice for the work and then for those wrong struts they sent me. It was a loss from all sides. I expected them to make up for it by sending the right ones sometime later. But no!

Who is going to compensate for the trouble Great Western has put me through due to their failure and incompetence from the start. This is absolutely not my problem. I have been caused such trouble due to this situation. Not only did I lose the shipment, I am now in the debt of my erectors who had to come back and finish the work again. They could have at least sent me a replacement with the right shipment items but no! They refused to do that. I missed my deadline with the project and became lighter on my pocket. This is so disappointing. There is absolutely no sense of responsibility and accountability from this people.

It got me thinking whether they are a trustworthy company at all. I did some research and found out that the company was sued a while back and its lawsuit is still active. And despite that somehow, they claim to have hundreds of customers. Something doesn’t sound right here. I urge you all to stay away from these losers. They are a risk you don’t want to take. Always do your research before you go for such companies that have a shifty past. Pay heed to this. You will be thankful.

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