Greater Bangor Association of REALTORS

Greater Bangor Association of REALTORS

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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The Greater Bangor Association of Realtors should be re-named: Greater Bangor Realtor Friendly Association. That, along with a sub-title: Don’t Bother Filing a Complaint against any Realtor – It will be Automatically Denied. | A word to the Wise, Unless your Real Estate Agent or Broker, stole your Earnest Money and moved to Tripoli, DON’T BOTHER WASTING YOUR TIME FILING A COMPLAINT WITH THE GREATER BANGOR ASSOCITION OF REALTORS. | This Air of Respectibility is nothing more than a Real Estate Agent Friendly Fasade. | My husband and I are two senior citizens on fixed income. We made a terrible mistake contacting Better Homes and Gardens in Bangor, Maine to relocate to Maine. The agent, we were assigned to was NOT a relocation specialist and failed to protect our interests in a home purchase. | As a result, we lost $60,000 – in real money – overall and cannot make up this great loss. | This agent failed to Evaluate our Needs. Failed to show us homes that would suit those needs. Failed to point out negative aspects of home and location that we did pick. Failed to advise us of material adverse condtions of the the house and its bad location. Allowed us to overpay for such a home without doing a comparative market analysis. Also allowed the sellers of the home and the seller’s agent – to leave the home in dirty and damaged condition. | Her broker would not help us. Was not empathic in any way. Even said to us, “You Bought the House. You Fix it, Paint it, and learn to deal with it.” | How unkind that is. They got their commission and simply do not care about us. | We were both ill for a long time, had to sell the home for a big loss, had to buy a cheaper home. Our money gone, our health declining due to the agent and her broker, both emotionally and physically. | We filed a complaint with the Greater Bangor Association of Realtors and truthfully poured out our hearts. Our pleas for help fell upon deaf ears. | Unfortunately for us, they had a 180 day time limit on such complaints. I tried to explain that we did not know where to complaint and were very ill. Me – especially – being under medical care, in hospital and on mental health drugs. | The Executive Officer and the Board of Directors simply did not care about any of our explanations. Our complaint was DENIED. Our subsequent appeal was also DENIED. | This brings us to the conclusion that the Greater Bangor Association of Realtors is just a Real Estate and Broker Friendly Group. After all, why should they find against their “Friends” and “Dues Paying Members.” They know where their Bread is Buttered. | Our guess is that, even if they accepted our complaint, they would find a way to dismiss it as not having any merit. As further proof, the Executive Officer even WARNED ME, to Not discuss my complaint with any other Real Estate Association due to CONFIDENTIALITY. | This “confidentiality” factor clearly shows they do not want any negative publicitiy against any of their precious members and the Association as well. What a shame if the public should find out about any such valid complaints. | This is why we caution anyone out there, reading this report, Don’t Waste Your Valuable Time, complaining about a realtor or broker with the Greater Bangor Association of Realtors. | Just make sure the realtor you hire to find you a home is a true BUYER’S AGENT. Check our their references and reviews. We plan to do this, next time, when we make our move to the West Coast. However, this is like Closing the Barn Door after the Horses Ran Out. | We just do not want what happened to us to happen to any of the dear readers seeing our report. We are down, but not out.

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