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Published: 08 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am an educated person and research my purchases but I have had the wool pulled over my eyes by this HORRIBLE company. I use Trip Advisor and I love writinig great reviews but these F-ing idiots are REALLY bad. I found this Veronica 4 Piece sectional at a store in Washington DC (loved it) but the frugalness in me got the best of me. I thought I would save a ton of money by getting the sectional on line… BAD IDEA using Great Furniture . COM…. ugh!!!!! First, I purchase this Broyhill sectional on Black Friday with the PROMISE that it will be delivered between Dec 13-26th. Jeremy took the order. Funny, after Jeremy took the order I could never reach him again. On Dec 17th, 18th, 22nd. and 24th, I start calling and they verify that the order should be here by the 26th but tell me my notes say that I need it for a new years party. i confirm they are correct but I want a status on the shipment. Today is February 9th and this company still has not delivered the F-ing sectional. I have spoken to many people (Katie) and they even took $200 off my order for F-ing it up. I started receiving calls on January 8th (Yes, long after December 26th and 31st) about delivery. They left a message that they would be here they next day between 12-4pm. They did not speak to me. Now, they could have delivered it the 2 1/2 weeks I was off in December but they could not deliver when promised. A couple of people from this company have called me, I explain the scenario and I explain that they need to deliver at 5:00pm because I cannot be home until then and I was at my home 2 1/2 weeks when they were supposed to deliver. The delivery company said they have to get this approved from Great Furniture and of course GF says no to them… but when they talk to me, they say sure, we will deliver it for you at 5pm. They hang up and I never hear from anyone. It is now humorous as my friends call it the sofa that never arrives. The next step is the Better Business Bureau but that will probably be fruitless. I know the internet review will be read and I hope you all take my review seriously. Recently, I received a call from Katie at 801-416-3575 on February 4th… she left a message wondering why I had not taken deliver. UGH. She stated that if I wanted an after 5pm delivery it would cost $150 and then said they would need to take the sofa back with return/restocking policy would apply. What a bunch of F-ing idiots. I left a nasty message and demanded someone with real customer service call me… Did I hear from anyone? No. This is totally unbelievable. If I get the sofa delivered, I am sure it will be the wrong color or damaged… what else could go wrong here…. PUT A STICK IN MY EYE… LOL If you buy from this company, you deserve to get screwed… REALLY! If I can update this posting I will let you know if the sofa arrives before Memorial Day 2015…. the money they took off this purchase and the agreement to deliver after 5pm does not help if the F-ing sofa never arrives…. ONE PERSON NEEDS TO SEE THIS TRANSACTION THROUGH YOU KNUCKLEHEADS…. UNBELIEVABLE. Update: 2-19-15 The sectional arrived and we unpacked it. It has at least 12 stains/issues on pillows, back of sectional, base of sectional, etc. I called Katie tonight at 801-416-3575 to see what she plans to do. The sectional was wrapped well and there was no disturbance/cuts/etc in the packing material. The deliver guys said it came that way from the warehouse… Again, here we go again with issues from this company.

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