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Published: 22 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

On 6/16 i gave my custom made rug to Green Choice Carpet for cleaning and was promised that the carpet will look like brand new and won’t have the stains (the reason i gave it to clean) I received the rug a few weeks later completely ruined. Below are the conditions that the rug was returned to me after the cleaning: 1. The rug shrank in width by 1”, which caused backing of the rug being bigger and folding underneath the carpet. 2. the backing was completely off hanging out with edges unglued and completely coming of. the original carpet had ¾” nap, after the cleaning it became flat with the nap no bigger than ¼”. There is no plush to the carpet left at all. 4. The rug became very soft and light, feeling like a piece of fabric, it used to be hard and heavy. 5. There was dust/sand coming out of the carpet and I was told that it’s happening because of the poor quality of the rug. 6. Noticed thread coming out, which happens when all the glue is washed out and nothing’s holding the stitches and threads in place. I was extremely disappointed with the service and after all I realized that the rug was not supposed to be washed in the water, because this type of a rug must be dry cleaned, the care instruction says “do not wash”. The rug is taken back by Green Choice Carpet into their facility, but unfortunately there is nothing can be done to restore it to its original condition. I started communication to the company about the reimbursement to be able to buy exact the same or similar rug. I had a chance to talk to their supervisor who accused me of giving them a bad rug, denying that the rug was washed in the water, but when the rug was originally picked up the technicians described in little details that the rug will be soaked in the water for 4 days and they will be washed in the washing machine, which was unquestionably done. Also, I’ve been told by Green Choice supervisor that I can take it to the court and the judge will laugh at me! I was even accused for not telling the technicians not to wash the rug! I didn’t know it must be not washed until I found out later!!! Do I have to tell the licensed professionals how to do their job..? I requested the Green Choice Carpet to send me the videos of before and after wash that they’re supposed to take for every rug they clean, and it took them 2 months to send it to me. When I finally received the videos I was stoned when I saw that the “receiving condition” video is completely falsified. They took the after wash video and saved it as a “receiving condition”. This is the most dishonest company I ever had to deal with. The unreliable company violates consumer rights and I feel cheated and assaulted. .

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