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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I first spoke with Karen – who told me I wasn’t in her system. Then said I had the wrong company, then told me my bank gave me the wrong phone number. As I asked to speak with a supervisor – she told me none were available due to a conference call. Then Suggested my bank googled the wrong information and I need to call them and get the right number as they don’t sell the product I was calling about. She kept interrupting me while I was talking. I asked 10 times for a manager to which she said the best way to contact them is to email them @ (email address removed by admin) I called back and spoke with Sam – who at first was respectful and helpful. He asked for the spelling of my name and when I wasn’t found he asked for the last 4 digits from the account I used to purchase the trial. He then READ to me the fine print that I had 14 days to return the product or to cancel my subscription. I told him I would like to cancel my subscription and return the product that-he said was shipped on 7/29/2014. He said the subscription would be canceled and he gave me a cancellation number: 464054. I then asked about how to get a return authorization and a refund. He said I had 14days from the original trial shipment date to get a refund. I said ok, but I am asking how to get a refund for the shipment that when out on 7-29-14, he said you have 14 days from the original shipment date to request a refund. Then he said let me tell you something Mrs sar-awsh-whatever your name is. You have 14 days from the trial shipment to cancel and get a refund. Other wise we don’t process returns and give refunds. And kept repeating the sentance. To that I asked him if they were in the United States – he said yes, in CA, I mean NY. And I said well, I can go to;; Meijers store and if I’m unsatisfied with ANY purchase the full price is refunded as long as the product is returned. he said; let me read something to you, it’s right on the website – a refund is at the discretion of the seller and is not up to the buyer. So I stated I was going to contact my lawyer and that their recordings of my converstaions with their representatives will be subponea’d. the product does not work and they are scammers!! Don’t waste your time or your money. Disregard any celebrity endorsements you may see or hear anywhere. .

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