Green Hills Oral Surgery

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Dr. Adamiak did a nonsensical and useless procedure on me.

He charged me thousands of dollars for the procedure but it failed. He had installed two dental implants in my mouth and both of them fell down within 6 months. When I told this guy that my implants had fallen off, he started blaming me for it. He neither apologized to me nor did he issue me any compensation for a botched procedure. Dental implants aren’t supposed to be falling off every 6 months. They are supposed to last for a few years. They used to hurt and Dr. Adamiak had told me that the pain was because of my body’s reaction to the implants and I shouldn’t worry about them. I realized later that the pain was because of the terrible installation he had done. The implants weren’t added to my jaw properly. I had visited his clinic for this procedure alone. I had found him online and he seemed like one of the most reputed online surgeons in the area. When I had visited his clinic, he didn’t seem like a terrible doctor. In fact, he behaves like a real professional. You wouldn’t think that he is so bad at what he does. He talks nicely and seems like a great guy but he also claims to be the best oral surgeon in the area. When the day of the procedure arrived, I was a little nervous. But I went through with it. The procedure left me with a bit of pain and to cope with that, he had prescribed me with painkillers. Now, understand my situation, I was living in constant toothache and developing a strong reliance on some pills because my surgeon had done a horrible job. If I had known at any time that he was such a bastard, I wouldn’t have visited his clinic.

I had complained to him when my first implant fell off. He told me that it was a rare thing to happen and that I shouldn’t worry much. But after my second fell off, I was seriously irritated. I began to realize at the time that this guy had messed up the procedure. I complained about it to him and he told me that he will install dental implants again and give me a 10% discount. I didn’t want any 10% discount. The guy had already taken over $10,000 from me. He started blaming me for the falling of the teeth. He blamed me and said that I must have maintained poor oral hygiene which led to this situation. He is an arrogant bastard. He didn’t even apologize to me after such a terrible mistake. Dr. Adamiak is a scammer and I would strongly suggest you avoid this guy and his clinic. Now I’m looking for another dentist who can provide me with real treatment. I don’t want to get the services of this guy in the future. And I would recommend you and anyone else to avoid this crappy surgeon as well.

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