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Published: 26 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Access Recovery(which is Greentree) put a stop payment on check, had Insurance reissue a check, cashed check on 1/29/14, as of yet had not posted $7,921.62 to my account, now has threatened to keep entire check. I had to know someone to get the police report, (without report, Insurance would have not paid) Police did not want to do report because I was told that this was a civil matter not criminal. Was told numerous times by Greentree that I would get sent a refund for difference of check. After check was reissued, payment was never posted, Credit Bureau, is still showing that this debt has not been paid. Greentree advised that check was not recieved, New check number is 780051158, they are lying that this was never recieved, my Insurance adjuster faxed front & back copy of check that Greentree cashed. Please help me with this nightmare. My manufactured home was vandalized, which was rent to own. Taxes had not been paid for 4 years. Greentree stated that they would accept defecicency of $7921.62, Insurance sent my husband & Greentree a check in the amount of $22,832.28. Police did not want to give me a police report because I was told that this was a civil matter, not criminal. my daughter happened to have a customer who is a Judge, this was the only reason I was able to get a police report. Access recovery (which is Greentree) put a stop payment check & had Ins. reissue a new one, check 780051158 which was cashed on 1/29/14, adjuster faxed front & back copy of check, my account was never credited, was promised numerous times, that I would get a check sent for difference, a Mr Stefans in accts receivable was very rude to me & stated that Insurance sent them a check for only $7,921.62 I told him that he was a liar, he threatned to hang up on me, that I was looking for compensation, I paid Insurance premium & police report(without that Ins. would have not paid), till this day they are telling me that I have 10 days to respond, Credit Bureau was never notified that this has been paid. Please help me with this nightmare & do not let these criminals get away with this, I had enough pain with tenants & now greentree.

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