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Published: 10 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We signed up for the web hosting service throught GreenGeeks at the suggestion of our web designer. It wasn’t until over a week later we found out what a HOT MESS it was for our remote employees to do something as simple as accessing their email, and we reached out to GreenGeeks multiple times via live chat and phone conversations. (They claim we only contacted us on two occasions.) I was told that every-time there was a connectivity issue with the email server at GreenGeeks, we would need to contact them when the individual was connected to the WIFI that wasn’t speaking to their servers. | This would be impossibly time consuming – as their wait time for speaking to tech support is long, a waste of our employee’s salary and logistically a nightmare when we plan on having multiple remote employees nationwide. Around this same time, we were in the process of migrating our emails over to GreenGeeks. | Seeing that none of our employees are IT professionals, yet again we reached out for help. We were directed to complicated walk-through directions on their website and during the process of us attempting to do it solely on our own, a majority of our email data was lost. We ended up losing approximately $15,000.00 due to this fiasco and we had little to no support from GreenGeeks customer support department, not a stellar customer experience by any means. We made the executive decision to cut ties and go back to our previous hosting service. We were informed that if we cancelled before the migrations were completed that our data would be lost. The process to retrieve the lost information started on 2/23/16 the retrieval process took until 3/2/16 and then we started the migration of the emails back to our previous hosting service. | We just were able to finalize the migration of the last bit of data held by GreenGeeks servers 4/5/16. This is why we requested to cancel yesterday and why we have NOT been in touch with them prior to today. We paid 36 months in advance, we have used 2 months of their service. In that time, we lost time, energy, thousands of dollars as well as close to losing key staff over these issues. We count ourselves lucky that it did not force us to close our doors – as we are a start-up. We reached out to GreenGeeks yesterday and explained why we feel we should get a pro-rated refund. They ignored the request in their first communication and flat-out denied our refund once we inquired again. We feel what we are asking for is fair and just good business seeing that we paid for 36 months of service in advance to secure the best rate. | They flat out refused to refund any amount instead suggesting that we continue to utilize their service until our time we purchased is up. We have notified the FTC, the BBB, their local Chamber of Commerce and the California State Attourney General’s office. We are also seeking contingency counsel currently.

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