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Published: 01 May 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After a year of frustration and wait, I’m finally writing this review. I was a personal friend of the dentist and I even knew her family as we were neighbours. I took my whole family of 4 kids, my wife and my mom to Greenway Smiles and we had an awful experience here. I was scared so I didn’t write this review earlier. But I recently found out that Greenway Smiles is harming dozens of people and I want to tell everyone the truth. Getting implants or bone grafting from this clinic is the biggest mistake you can do, it is the worst thing you can do for your oral health, if they say that they have found a cavity in your teeth, and then please get a second opinion before proceeding with their treatment. I stopped going to the clinic after my horrible implant experience. When I took my whole family to the clinic, the doctor did a check-up of all of us. She started with my wife, and after just a small examination she stated that she has many cavities in her mouth. Not only that, she also stated that my 4-year-old kid has 2 cavities in his mouth. My wife was shocked to hear this because she brushed and flossed twice a day for her whole life and kid did the same. She doubted the doctor’s diagnosis and decided to get a second opinion and apparently the other dentists told her that neither the kid nor she have any cavities in their mouth. The doctor at Greenway Smiles was going to drill through my wife’s perfectly healthy teeth. Not only that, she was going to TORTURE my innocent 4-year-old just to make money. DISGRACEFUL! I made a terrible mistake to trust this clinic and getting an implant here. I got a bone graft from the clinic which ended up giving me a very serious infection. I was getting a disgusting green discharge in my mouth; however, the doctor told me not to worry and stated that it was just Sudafed. But after a couple of days my mouth and nose were dripping a lot of the green discharge almost every other minute. I contacted the clinic and they gave me an antibiotic, which stopped the discharge. This wasn’t the only mistake done by Greenway Smiles. They told me that I need create more space in my teeth which cost me four grand and it wouldn\’t have been such a big expense if the doctor told me this earlier. I started visiting another ortho that was much better than Greenway Smiles, however, I didn’t commit to him fully because I had already spent thousands of dollars on Green Smiles. But the incompetence and ignorance of this clinic forced me to finally change my ortho completely. After this experience all I can say is, STAY AWAY FROM THESE MONEY HOGGERS. Please don’t take your family to this clinic, they just want the money in your account, they don’t give a damn about your health.

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