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Published: 08 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The term “Criminal Empire” gets thrown around far too losely these days and since The Greenwich Time has a habit of only covering the opportunistic side of stories in the Town of Greenwich and stopping before they get to anything negative about the town, a recent story about current town First Selectman, Peter Tesei, not running for re-election left out major reasons and information as to why this long running town selectmen suddenly decided to call it quits… And here’s a hint: it’s not for a job well done. It’s more like: his political career is done. | Peter Tesei became First Selectmen for the town of Greenwich 12 years ago. Mr. Tesei actually became involved in politics and ran for and won his first office in the town at the age of 18. This election entrenched Tesei in town government where he was able to make connections that would eventually lead him to being elected to the towns highest office. | Perhaps this is a learning lesson. A lesson into why individuals should not run for, and more importantly, not be elected to, political office when they are 18. Because they are too young and need the opportunity to grow the F up first. Because that immaturity has carried its way all the way from Tesei’s first electioned position to his present day position as first selectman of the town of Greenwich, Connecticut. | Why? Because a typical day for Peter Tesei is to wake up in the morning, brush his teeth, take a sh*t, eat his breakfast, go to his office, and spent the majority of his day staring out his widow wondering who the next person to run against him in town is going to be and doing everything within, and out, of his power, and the law, to make sure that individual in not in town. Period. That is his whole day. | The job of first selectman in the Town of Greenwich carries with it also the title of police commissioner. Isnt that nice… There are towns and cities in this country that even in bankruptcy see fit to seperate the duties of the town of cities highest ranking political official and its highest ranking law enforcement official because of the gross conflict of interest it presents. However, in the rich town of Greenwich where they are more than able to pay two seperate, independent, individuals to segregate the first selectman job from the police commissioner post, Mr. Tesei has enabled himself to be both top elected official and also top law enforment official, thus giving himself the ability to remove people from the town he does not want there. And thusly, securing the ability to not have anyone who could beat him in an election remain in town. | But of course, to remain in town, you would have to live there, if not also be employed there. But Tesei has this covered too. Because Tesei has relationships with employers in the town of Greenwich, specifically the auto dealers, hedge funds, private equity firms, and investment banks which probably comprise 95% of all the employment opportunties in town. And if someone is not wanted there, Tesei and his underlings, have no problem preventing you from being employed in town by a private firm due to these relationships with his constituants. | All these companies are companies that vote for Tesei, are constituants of Tesei, and perform services for Tesei to remain in office due to the pay-off Tesei provides them: money, permits, properties, etc. So, if someone is in town that Tesei does not want there, he just picks up the phone and calls his pal, and puts out the notice that this individual is not welcome in town, or as they call it, an “undesirable”. That individual with not land a meaningful job in town. But care should be taken when declaring one an “undersirable” because that “undersirable” you dont know, or think you do know but are wrong, may just be the end of a political career. | Tesei has also weeded people out of the Town of Greenwich by not allowing he or she to live in town, or if they do find residence, kicking people out of town illegally, through threat of arrest, but again, his own police department that he heads, by telling them they need to leave because a town employee need the residence. Of course, a basic fundemental of someone being able to live in the affluent town of Greenwich would be for that individual to make enough income in Greenwich, or nearby, to sustain the expenses of living in Greenwich. Tesei knows this, and as he has many times before, prevented individuals he deems “undersirable” or “undesireable to be in town because he is competition to his post as first selectman” from obtaining jobs in the town of Greenwich or nearby, that would allow that individual to continue to remain in town regardless of that individuals qualification. | In actuality, Tesei only wants that individual out because of the threat that individual poesses to his position as first selectman. These cases have been documented. In fact, look into the reason former police chief Ridberg left town. Guy has the cushiest police cheif job in the country and not only got up and left it, but also the town. Hmmmmm…But what is the cushiest police job in the country without having a cushy safety complex to go along with it? like the one that Peter Tesei gave to not only the police department, but also the fire department, for them to keep their mouths shut about these illegal goings on in the Town of Greenwich… the towns police and fire departments have needed new safety complexes for decades…BUT WERE ONLY REWARDED WITH THEM WHEN TESEI NEEDED THEIR HELP TO COVER SCANDAL. FACT. | Tesei has had his own officers stop people in the street and tell them straight to their faces “You aren’t welcome in this town”. Makes you wonder if that girl under the tree in 1975 was told she wasnt welcome in town, too. | But make no mistake about it, if you’re not “in” with the administration, they will provide you with employment opportunites, like you could work at the library, where Tesei’s security team routinely weeds people out of there if they dont like the cut of your jib or if, in their estimation, you dont belong in town. or how about a job at the car wash, or the post office, a waiter at a restaraunt, or Greenwich Hospital….but rest assured, they aren’t going to be making you a doctor. In fact, none of the jobs Tesei will allow you to have are going to put you anywhere close to that first selectman seat. | And the Greenwich Town Party? A total sham. Only developed with Ray Dalio, in collaboration with Tesei, after individual Tesei kicked out of town recieved such a horrid backalsh from the towns people that they were forced to try to put on an event to bring the town together. That’s all it it. Every time you attend, you are just enforcing the fact that you are sheep to the Tesei administration. | But hey dont only take my word for it. The only thing you need to know about Peter Tesei is this: The Greenwich Times own photographer captured a picture of Peter Tesei on his most recent election win. It is a picture of him all smiles staring at his electorate and off to the side, in the same picture, is his wife grasping their kids with and expression on her face. Her eyes are wide open with a look of “Oh My God, This Guy Is FN Crazy”. that’s what you need to know. | Tesei isn’t running because his gig is up and people in Greenwich now know whats been going on. Tesei, who had previously won by landslide victories in elections, barely sqeeked out the last election and he would lose this one. NO, that’s right, Tesei isnt running in this election. Instead, he’s hiding. But what isnt hiding oare the action of this criminal empire. Those are clear as daylight. | NO Tesei this election. But at least that will give him some time to grow the F up. | Good thing stars are immune to this type of treatment.

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