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They keep on harassing people with fraudulent calls!

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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

615 Woodbrook Dr, is a firm that is full of fraud employees who are just working by lying to other people and making harassment calls to the customers. I was told by a friend of mine that they would provide me with a loan facility which would be helpful in simplifying my life. I had gone to their office with a hope that my life would actually become peaceful and less of worries.

However, Had I known that this would rather make my life more miserable, I would never had come into any deal with this fake company. When I met the person in charge, I had already told them about my financial situation and cleared all the doubts. He kept an offer and asked me if I could do it. I wanted that I should not take any serious risk and asked for a different offer that would be easier for me to handle. It was quite patiently handled by them and after some time they came in with a new offer.
The second offer made was not at all risky but I had suspicion that why they made this offer as second and not the first. I was not able to trust them as they had offered me with two quite different deals and which were not at all similar. To deny both the deals, I said I needed time and that I will reach out to you for the next step in a few days. But you were like out of control and did not stop. The company officials kept on calling and made my life a typical hell. I don’t know why they started torturing me like that. I was not at all aware that I would be tortured like that.
I had never thought that I would be harassed in this manner and people will start lying to others. That official started saying that I had said yes to the deal offered by him and I don’t know how many more lies were imposed on me. While I was still adjusting these facts, I wasn’t able to understand why these people had changed in just 3 days. I immediately decided to visit the company again to know about the hidden facts and when I reached out to the company, I was told that I had agreed that day on the first offer that too which was the lucrative one. Will anyone tell me why would I agree to such an offer that is unaffordable for me?
I was in shock and started searching the reviews of this person, I found that there are many that have been cheated by this fraud company. I was devastated as I had been in link with a wrong company which only pushes people into fraudulent things. Not only this, I was also not aware about the fact that they are doing this from many years. I am still in a dilemma if what I had heard is true, how can people be so big liars? I am still not out of this thing and want an answer to this immediately as this is just not done!! How can people be so degraded and become liars on face giving baseless truths about nothing? I will never recommend anyone ever to work for this company and will complain against the malpractices of this firm.
It is better that everyone stays away from such fake companies who are working to cheat people and form cheap strategies to rip off some money. Beware of such cheaters and Misleading people who are just involved in doing frauds with others.

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