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Insurance fraud! Stole $600 from me

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Published: 15 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The title says it all. This place is full of greedy fraudsters. I couldn’t believe it when they sent me the invoice but later I realized what a grave mistake I had made. These people aren’t running a clinic, they are running a scam.
I guess dental clinics nowadays are keener to make money from the pockets of their customers rather than ensuring their health and care. I had to face the same problem with Greenwood Village Dentistry as they are a money-oriented office and not a patient-oriented office. They will be going to rip you off so better to stay away from such fuckers. It started when I had a bad tooth and it was necessary to get it out. After consulting several dentist who were reluctant to get it extracted because it was an anchor teeth I finally met Dr. Alconel at Greenwood Village Dentistry who showed his interest towards me in getting the job done for me because I was in a lot of pain since several days and it was not a hard and fast rule for the other dentist to extract it for me. This dental office had given me the misery from the start whether it was about the treatment or with the payment, this dental office asks you to pay the payment in advance in full, then they would only bill the insurance. The charge you almost 600 bucks to pull a tooth which is hilarious and then use the anchors to make something which resembles like a tooth. I checked out the insurance company to see whether the dental office has sent the claim or not, and I was shocked to see that the insurance company was not showing anything on their claims page. At last, I received an EOB from my insurance company claiming that Greenwood Village Dentistry was out of network and they were not a part of my insurance company. Greenwood Village Dentistry misled me by not telling that they were not a part of my insurance company and it looked like they only treated me just because of the money as it is the primary concern for filths like these. I then called the insurance company to track who got paid from the claim and they told me that Greenwood Village Dentistry got paid. Because when they filed the claim they requested my insurance company that the payment should be sent to them. Sadly, clinics like Greenwood Village Dentistry have such low standards and they are only keen to make money. I will make sure that these ass holes have to pay for every penny for they try to do with me. I guess I am not the only one who has faced such disappointment from them and there would be other customers as well who have gone through the same so guys stay away from such facility because you will only end up regretting yourself as they don’t care for you but for your money only.

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