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Published: 27 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

My wife and i meet greg and his then fiance’ through the local “swingers scene” here in vegas. At first blush he seemed sincere and knowledgeable, but it quickly became apparant that he had a drinking problem as after we first met we never saw him sober. He touts his book and a diet consisting of drinking beer for carbs and whey for protein, combined with high intensity weight training. First of all, “high intensity” weight training was popularized back in the 80’s with arthur jones and the nautilus equipment boom, but to hear this a** talk you would think he built the first mouse trap. As for the “diet” it’s simple math, calories in versus calorie expenditure. If you’re an alcoholic the diet would probably appeal to you, but it’s just an aberation of the palio diet or atkins. I’m not positve but i beleive he self published the book, and, in my opinion, your money would be better spent on toilet paper. As for the “gay” inclinations in the other report – it wouldn’t surprise me. He bragged about how he knew how to knock a person out by slugging them in the back of the head, which would be laughable, except that his then fiance’ pipped right up and said it was true, since he had done it to her. I say “then fiance”, because the night of their wedding, he ditched her on the strip, and when the cab dropped her off at home he had her arrersted for domestic battery. The marriage was annulled shortly there-after.) he indicated that he’d liked watching her get with other couples, while he. . .”watched”. He wouldn’t turn my back on the guy. When we avoided swinging with them, and he finally got the message, he talked sh** to anyone who would listen about us. Unfortunetely for him, he has no credibility in this realm and is a laughig stalk. As for him dating the “hottest women at the blue martini”, well. .. We all need to have a dream. I’ll remain anonymous simply because he has nothing better to do then torment people. He had a gym set up in his home for that purpose. Beyond that he claims to be independently wealthy, but his ex-wife tells me he’s a trust-fund baby and gets a monthly check. My posting is 100% true, the “diet book” he wrote is all about him and his ego, find a copy, but dont buy it, i will never do anything to enrich the guy. He has a lot of enemy’s as he doesn’t play well with others. It was one of those that called me about the previous posting. Most people are afraid of him because he’ll do anything, up to and including sue you, to get even. He’s a “first year law student” and is as litigious as they come. If he’s blowing you guys up, he probably wont go away. Be prepared, but his ego is so big that he’ll represent himself. Again, just the authors opinion.

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