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Published: 03 November 2017

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Code of Judicial Ethics Violations by Judge Pro Tem Attorney Greg W. Dwyer Sacramento In violation of California Code of Judicial Ethics Canons 1, 2, and 6D(9)(a), on his website divorce lawyer Greg Dwyer unlawfully promotes his status as a Sacramento Family Law Court temporary judge, or judge pro tem. The judge pro tem designation is misused by many attorneys for advertising and promotional purposes because it implies “insider” status with family court judges and employees. Use of the title for this purpose is prohibited by state law. Using the prestige of judicial office, or judicial title “to advance the pecuniary or personal interests of the judge or others” is illegal in California. According to the California Judges Association: “A temporary judge may not include the fact of serving as a temporary judge in any law firm or business advertisement including a biography on a firm website. Canons 1, 2, 6D(9)(a).” On his website, Gregory Dwyer provides a biography that includes a section headed “Professional Association and Affiliations.” The section includes a listing designating Dwyer as a “Pro Tem Judge in Sacramento County in Family Law.” Dwyer also is an officer of the Sacramento County Bar Association Family Law Executive Committee, known by the acronym “FLEC.” Family court reform advocates have collected and catalogued evidence that FLEC acts effectively as a shadow government controlling virtually all aspects of court operations for the financial gain of attorney members of the Sacramento Bar Association Family Law Section. In addition to Dwyer, the other FLEC officers are Elaine Van Beveren, Fredrick Cohen, and Paula Salinger. SCBA FLEC Officers Elaine V. Van Beveren, Fredrick S. Cohen, Paula D. Salinger and Gregory W. Dwyer All Have Documented Ethics Violations Dwyer’s fellow officers on the Sacramento Bar Association Family Law Executive Committee have all been caught engaging in illegal or unethical conduct in family court proceedings. Executive Committee Chair Elaine Van Beveren, Vice Chair Fredrick (Rick) Cohen, Treasurer Paula Salinger and Secretary Greg Dwyer have been the subject of investigative reports by Sacramento Family Court News, an online, nonprofit journalism organization. State Law and Attorney Ethics Rules Violations by Divorce Lawyer Paula Salinger FLEC Treasurer Paula Salinger has been the subject of several Sacramento Family Law Court scandals. Salinger is a partner at the prominent Sacramento family law firm Woodruff, O’Hair, Posner & Salinger, Inc. The firm has been sued for legal malpractice by a former client who alleged more than $1 million in damages. Family court controversies involving Salinger include: Obtaining a controversial waiver of the requirements to become a temporary judge: Click here. Failed attempt to fraudulently obtain a final divorce judgement while the case was on hold pending the outcome of an appeal, filed by the indigent, unrepresented pro per opposing party: Click here. Filing counterfeit documents with the court: Click here. Filing court documents not in compliance with court rules and state law: Click here and here. Collusion with controversial Sacramento Superior Court Judge Matthew Gary against an indigent, unrepresented pro per party: Click here. Obtaining an illegal order for more than $10,000 in attorney fee sanctions against an indigent, unrepresented pro per opposing party: Click here. Ignoring judge pro tem state law conflict of interest disclosure requirements: Click here. State Law and Attorney Ethics Violations by Divorce Lawyer Fredrick “Rick” Cohen FLEC Vice Chair Rick Cohen has been involved in a number of controversies including: Using his judge pro tem title for promotional purposes on his website in violation of the Code of Judicial Ethics. After Sacramento Family Court News published an investigative report about misuse of the temporary judge title for public relations purposes, Cohen removed from his website the reference to his status as a judge pro tem: Click here. Ignoring judge pro tem state law conflict of interest disclosure requirements: Click here. A federal civil rights lawsuit against Cohen was filed by unrepresented family court litigant Heather Deluz: Click here. A second federal civil rights lawsuit was filed against Cohen by unrepresented family court litigant Igor Cheppel: Click here. A failed, fraudulent attempt to extract $17,000 in attorney fees from an indigent, unrepresented pro per litigant in a federal civil rights case filed against Cohen and other defendants: Click here and here. A failed election campaign for a Yolo County judge seat. Sacramento Family Court reform advocates mounted a sucessful campaign to defeat Cohen’s candidacy: Click here and here. State Law and Attorney Ethics Violations by Divorce Lawyer Elaine Van Beveren FLEC Chair Elaine Van Beveren has been involved in several controversial family court incidents, including: Failing to intervene as required by the Code of Judicial Ethics when controversial Judge Matthew J. Gary illegally arrested an indigent, disabled, unrepresented pro per party. Click here. A year later, Van Beveren and another judge pro tem attorney, Richard Sokol, lied about the Gary incident, and attempted to blame the victim for Gary’s misconduct: Click here. Ignoring judge pro tem state conflict of interest disclosure requirements: Click here. Family Law Attorney Greg Dwyer is an Unethical Lawyer Who Associates with Other Unethical Lawyers The recently released documentary film Divorce Corp portrays Sacramento Family Court as the most corrupt in the United States. The corruption is attributed to corruption and collusion betwen judge pro tem lawyers and full time judges of the court. For more about Sacramento Family Court corruption: Sacramento Family Court News Special Report Color of Law, documenting systemic bias against indigent, unrepresented litigants by judges and attorneys. Judicial misconduct: Click here. Judge pro tem misconduct: Click here. Court employee misconduct: Click here. Collusion between SCBA Family Law Section judge pro tem attorneys and full-time family court judges: Click here. As a sworn temporary judge of Sacramento County Superior Court, attorney Gregory W. Dwyer is required by state law to take appropriate corrective action if he becomes aware of misconduct by other attorneys or judges. Like the rest of the judge pro tem lawyers he associates with, Dwyer has done nothing. Dwyer is, in fact, part of the problem.

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