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Published: 09 May 2018

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Gregory Mcnally (online aliases “Gomez/Xomez Addams”) is a Norman Bates/Marc Lepine wannabe and internet stalker of women who hails from Nevis/Park Rapids, MN (aka Nevis, MN). He’s also a possible member of a Jehovah’s Witnesses cult based on some internet searches. (Likely) due to the numous restraining orders filed on him, living him few options left for romance/stalking in his little town of a whopping 300 residents, Greg’s only social outlet and mediocre pretense for female interaction is friending narcissitic, mentally deficiant, housebound women to recruit as cyberstalking buddies, who he met via a seedy work-at-home gig which hocks Extenze pills and “Girs Gone Wild” porn DVDs (likely his only source of income beyong his SSI benefits). (He’s also apparently a fan of Bill Murray – who he can likely relate to as far as the domestic abuse allegations go, if nothing else -, as well as children’s shows like Sesame Street and a medicore 60s comedy show “The Addamns Family”, hence his alias. He’s also known to fawn rather creepily over pictures of young female children which his female FB buddies post on his wall – keep in mind again that these women are complete strangers who he met online, not actual friends of his who’ve ever introducted him to their children). But just being less charismatic than Fogell from “Superbad” isn’t the reason for this report. The skinny on Greg is that he’s a degenerate creep who uses the interent to stalk and torment women for sadistic jollies (all of this is documented in the screenshots, which will be provided shortly). Perhaps he’s developed a Napoleon complex as a result of being dominated by an overbearing mother (who he likely lost his virginity to), but getting Freudian on this little rapist isn’t necessary. As mentioned Greg and his equally disturbed “internet friends” use FB and a few work related websites to find women to use as harassment targets, this includes women on medications, or suffering for a disablity (just think of Greg as a sexually-confused male version of Jennifer Petkov) – this behavior included vile sexual harassment, death threats, racial slurs, and even threats to photoshop people’s children into pornography – it eventually resulted in police reports filed on individuals involved after their contact information was tracked down. Coward that he is, Greg dawned a lower profile after he realized that some “vigilantes” of sorts were onto him, and had tracked down his contact information online (as well as that of some of the other members of his little “cyberstalking clique”). While we’re not sure what his next move is, will be keeping an eye on him. In the meantime we’ll just assume he’s taken a break from cyberstalking disabled women to see, and returned to his other passions in life – that of oogling strangers’ female children on FB, and masturbating while watching Sesame street of course.

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